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Our services

Our services are based on over 25 years of experience - constantly improved.
Through our defined modules, we assist you in each phase of your planning- and production process, in a professional way.

Our portfolio is precisely developed and clearly defined. In order to achieve the desired result, we will always finetune and customize our modules to meet your expectations and targets.
Only then, we – and you – are satisfied.

PLM strategy consulting

Are you one of the internationally successful companies that are continuously adjusting to altered market conditions? Does this create new business requirements such as "develop and produce anywhere," which require massive changes to existing or even completely new business processes and corresponding system support?

We align the innovation and product development processes to your specific business requirements. We work with your key players to draft a sustainable PLM strategy, which maps the necessary changes in the processes, organizations and IT components. This is a good starting position for projects for continuously improving the product development processes and the targeted PLM strategy simultaneously provides security for the necessary IT investments.

Our services:

PLM analysis

Our LEAN PLM CHECK clarifies your starting situation and forms the basis for specific recommendations for action to optimize your PLM solution. We investigate how well your PLM processes and methods are already directed toward quality, customer focus and cost effectiveness and identify the potential for optimization in your concrete project work.

PLM strategy development

We work with you to develop a sustainable PLM strategy that takes into consideration the various requirements of the specialist divisions and provides reliable answers that are focused on the company goals and business requirements.

PLM advisor

Do you want to concentrate on your products and value-creating core processes and would you like to have a PLM professional who makes the right suggestions at the right time?

We advise your project team from theory to practice and support you in the continuous improvement of your PLM processes.


Complexity management

Are you struggling with the individualization required by the market (batch size 1) and the resulting variant diversity? Is mastering the complexity in your company's products and processes a significant challenge? After a review of your current situation, we help you identify factors that are driving complexity for you and use these to derive long-term concepts for mastering complexity. We create an overall concept for a strategically directed and competitive product and process architecture and, on request, support the rollout of the processes and methods.

Our services:

  • Complexity check
  • Variant management and variant configuration

Collaborative engineering

Are you part of a value-creation network that spans various locations or companies? In addition to your ability to innovate, does your success depend on how smoothly and efficiently you design the cooperation of the individual elements of the development process? Do you want to exploit synergies by optimizing the coordination of processes, organizational elements, methods and IT systems? We help you implement the optimum processes and a suitable infrastructure for a development environment that spans various locations.

Our services:

  • Designing development methods and processes spanning various locations
  • Creating a common development environment

Key data development for engineering processes

Do you want to create quality proactively during the product development process (PDP), rather than checking it briefly at the end? Do you want measurable quality goals for your products and processes? To do this you need a suitable engineering-centric key data system, not only for measuring product performance, but also for measuring process performance during development and production and for the service. Are you looking for a partner with practical experience?

Our experts help you develop expedient key data aligned with the business requirements and embed them in your company processes.

Our services:

  • Developing expedient key data for engineering processes
  • Consulting on the introduction of a key data system

Release and engineering change management

Are you familiar with these principles? "The best change is the change that is not made," and "Change only when this means you will earn money."

Planning changes begins at an early stage or, more precisely, when the product release is being defined. Implementing a change cost-effectively requires a methodology and coordinated, lean processes. Our experts help you to develop and implement holistic release and engineering change management.

Our services:

  • Developing processes and methods
  • Introducing a holistic change system

Project management

Successfully achieving a predefined goal within a limited time frame with the planned resources and a defined budget — who wouldn't want that?

We are familiar with the various project management methods and tools and can advise you on how to implement them to maximum effect, depending on the situation. We support you in the process of managing the project successfully and concentrate on the project goal and the framework conditions. This gives your specialists more freedom to concentrate on their engineering disciplines.

Our services:

  • Establishing project management
  • Designing problem solution processes

Requirement management

Customer satisfaction results from the complete fulfillment of customer requirements and precise requirements are crucial in achieving this. The challenge lies in translating customer expectations into the product without any loss.

Professional requirement management is an essential aid; primarily where complex products are predominantly characterized by customer requirements.

Our services:

  • Analyzing processes for assimilating requirements and translating them into the product
  • Introducing targeted methods and supporting implementation

IT consulting

Every change process involves leaving the analysis phase, modeling of target processes and developing of methods to the end. This is then completed by formulating technical requirements and creating implementation concepts. The closer we come to a concrete solution in strategy consulting, the more our IT specialists are needed.

CENIT AG is known for its IT expertise. At your request, we use the offerings from market leaders such as DASSAULT SYSTEMES, IBM and SAP and combine them with our own additional solutions that are best suited to your company. Our service comprises professional consulting, organization and installation; operating the infrastructure can also be included on request./p>