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CENIT consistently realizes its goal of providing its customers with the highest quality and reliability. CENIT AG received two certifications that show that the company had introduced and uses a quality management and information security system for the areas of IT consultancy, IT services and software development. This documents CENIT’s high standard of quality on an ongoing basis. A comprehensive audit proved that this quality management system fulfils the requirements of both standards.

    • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management)

      CENIT's uppermost goal is to maintain the highest quality and reliability for customers in the current target markets.

      Internal audits are carried out to determine the effectiveness of the management system. Alongside the task of examining whether the management system is implemented and used as per the standard, it is also meant to serve to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

      External auditors now examine the company’s quality management on a yearly basis. We thereby ensure that the high commodity quality reaches the highest possible level also in regard to changing market and company conditions.

    • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information security)

      An information security management system structured in line with this standard provides the basis on which to identify and overcome specific IT risks and to ensure the necessary reliability of IT systems.

      Certification on the basis of ISO/IEC27001 will become increasingly important in the future. This is because, in a modern company, IT security means much more than simply impenetrable firewalls and a smooth back-up solution.

      Rather, in the world of business, information has become a sustainable corporate value critical to the success of a company. Misuse or even loss greatly affects any company, whatever its size and may even pose a threat to its very existence.