How did the values originate?

In today's day and age, corporate values are becoming ever-more important and valuable. They are the foundation and the basis for corporate success. CENIT AG formulates values that guide employees in their daily tasks and that describe the corporate culture of CENIT. Working with one another, entrepreneurial thought, sustainable actions and readiness for growth, further development and dynamics are central elements of the corporate values of CENIT AG. This culture rests on 4 pillars:

    • Partnership for us means:

      • respecting our colleagues and business partners
      • making and keeping agreements
      • working collaboratively and trustingly with our colleagues and business partners in order to reach our goals
      • making relevant information available
    • Entrepreneurial for us means:

      • employees assume responsibility and act independently
      • reach deadlines
      • as an employee, to assess the profitability of one's own actions and to keep this in mind
      • as a team, to act across all departments
      • to maintain and build internal and external relations
    • Future development for us means:

      • creating the space for new ideas
      • questioning existing processes and improving them on a continuous basis
      • as manager, to collectively promote the development of employees with the employees
      • to make targeted use of all knowledge opportunities and to make this knowledge accessible to our colleagues and business partners
      • to become actively involved in the latest themes and technologies
    • Dynamic for us means:

      • enabling fast decisions through short paths
      • seeing problems as challenges and pressing ahead with solutions
      • actively determining the needs of our customers and implementing in a future-proof manner
  • As an employer, it is important to us that our employees feel good at CENIT and that they are motivated. In my opinion, the friendly and cooperative interaction with each other is the basis for a successful and sustainable enterprise. Supplemented with reliability, openness to new ideas, dynamics, assumption of responsibility and trust, we can look to the future with a clear conscience!
    Tobias Dittrich, Head of HR