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Marvel Client

Learn the truth about your Notes client infrastructure - let yourself act and not react. Take control of your workspace, icons, bookmarks, replicas, replicator pages, toolbars, working environments, connection documents, and Eclispe components, while significantly increasing your Notes client's performance.

Tools for Notes client projects

As an administrator you are confronted with monumental tasks such as upgrades, consolidations, audits and migrations. MarvelClient supports you in setting the Notes configuration time-controlled, if required permanently for various users, groups, certifiers or client properties. 

    • Maintain the required transparency of your client infrastructure. Find out which clients are installed and which program and data directories are used. See where local replicas have been created and which connection documents and working environments exist.

      Analyze collects this information, unobtrusively in the background in a central database, so you can comfortably create analyses.

      MarvelClient is particularly important for client upgrade projects, as you can see information such as before-after performance analyses.

    • This module is used to manage ECLs, bookmarks, icons and replicator pages. Move, change and delete outdated client pointers. Migrate supports you during domain or server migrations and recerticifications.

      Replicator pages no longer need to be adjusted manually, if e.g. servers are migrated or databases are moved.

      By managing workspace icons, you can create standards within your company and administer the icons in a role-based manner.

    • Manipulate values in Notes.ini. Set Define defaults for full-text indexes, toolbars and replicas.

      You control when and how often MarvelClient Manage executes the actions. With MarvelClient Manage you sustainably cut support costs.

    • You want to block certain things in Citrix environments or for remote users. Restrict create and delete functions or access to databases.

      Determine which user at location x can open an application on a certain server. Generate dramatically increased productivity in your enterprise.

  • panagenda MarvelClient – the world's fastest software for optimum client management