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CENIT Services - competent consulting and secure planning

Successful projects get off to a good start during the proposition and project planning phases thanks to fundamentally competent expertise and consulting.

CENIT Consulting offers competent advice in all areas of project development and planning. Our specialists are backed by many years of experience in several projects in the fields of document management, archiving and all types of process automation.

CENIT is your guarantee for value-added, productivity-increasing, customized and highly appreciated solutions.

    • With business and process analysis, which is a type of stocktaking, your current processes, procedures, applications and methods in the fields of information capture, processing and administration are recorded and assessed. In many companies, usually the department view only exists for business processes. However, a holistic, cross-departmental view from process start to completion is decisive.

      CENIT experts make your processes transparent and create clarity for the redesign.

    • Requirement management involves the entry, consolidation, evaluation and tracing of all needs of the individuals interested in a new solution (users, administrators, IT, auditing, legal, work council, etc.). This way, all necessary needs and requirements for the planned solution are taken into consideration and the unnecessary ones defined in advance.

      Besides just requirement management, the role of the "translator" between business and technology should also receive special mention. CENIT consultants have occupied these roles in several requirement management projects thanks to their extensive skill portfolio.

    • Sophisticated concepts coordinated and based on your company and its requirements secure the success of your projects.

      CENIT offers services for the support, creation and quality assurance of all concepts required within the scope of your ECM project (specialist, architecture, DP, test and training concepts).

    • Based on the results of your business and/or process analysis, or the entry and assessment of your requirements, we design in collaboration with you, new or changed target scenarios, solutions and applications.

      The (re)design of processes or advice in terms of architecture, infrastructure and integration issues are a fixed element of our service portfolio.

    • CENIT is also your competent contact in the project planning phase. Together with our product and development experts, CENIT project managers create exact planning documents and expense calculations so that your project can be realized in a controlled manner and within the defined time and budget framework.