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CENIT, Your Reliable Partner –
For Planning, Controlling and Monitoring

We are one of the leading SAP PLM integrators and a strategic partner of SAP AG. Based on decades of industry experience, we provide professional SAP PLM services, supported by a worldwide network of partners and suppliers. We have the skills to optimize product development processes for companies in the manufacturing industry.

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Our services help customers to implement PDM/PLM processes of all kinds more quickly, more effectively, more reliably and more cost-efficiently. Our solutions are industry-specific, can be individually configured and are scalable from PDM to PLM.

We guarantee our clients a cost-effective and rapid introduction, streamlined operation and flexible upgrade options.

We Provide Comprehensive Advice on the Product Development Process

We started off as a system vendor for CATIA integrations and developed into a full service SAP PLM integrator. Today, we boast our own software development team that will provide you with excellent guidance when it comes to implementing end-to-end business processes. We are familiar with the parameters of success and transform your expectations into solutions.

All-encompassing process knowledge + matching software from SAP, DASSAULT SYSTEMES and CENIT = a perfectly tailored and optimally implemented solution

Business and IT Consulting

Our professional PLM consultants with special industry experience are experts in listening to what our customers have to say, right from the start. The introduction of a PLM system is a complex affair, and we ask a range of questions as it is important to attach equal value to the interactions between technologies used, the persons involved and the ideal processes, and to analyze these.

We guarantee a partnership-based collaboration with clearly defined services that are dependable, flexible and reliable.

Our Key Strengths

  • Change management
  • Master data management
  • Simulation management
  • Project-compliant cost management
  • Business planning and compliance
  • Technical offer and order management
  • Model and prototype design
  • Document release
  • Configuration management