SIMULIA solutions for realistic simulations

End2End PLM Solutions for Industry 4.0

No matter whether you want to understand the behavior of complex assemblies in more detail or you want to develop concepts for a new design, understand the behavior of new substances or simulate a discrete manufacturing process, SIMULIA Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provides the most comprehensive, flexible solution for such purposes.

Abaqus Unified FEA product suite

The software suite provides precise, reliable and powerful solutions for complicated non-linear problems, extensive linear dynamic simulations as well as routine design simulations. Due to the unachieved integration of implicit and explicit FEA functions, you can make direct use of the results of a simulation for the analyses that follow, to record the effects of earlier processes, e.g. the effect of manufacturing processes on product performance. With the use of user-programmable functions, scripting and GUI customizing functions, you can record and implement proven methods within your company. In this manner, you can analyze design alternatives within the shortest amount of time.



  • High-performance, comprehensive solutions for complex problems
  • Uniform user interface ensures simple operation
  • Used early in the development process, Abaqus enables the quick and reliable assessment of various design alternatives
  • Cost reduction as a result of fewer physical prototypes and real test cycles
  • Correct layout of designs during the first go – "Getting it right the first time"

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers high-performance, comprehensive solutions for routine, as well as complex development problems. They cover a broad range of industrial applications. With the aid of a standard model data structure and integrated solver technology, development teams are able to examine complex loads, vibration dynamics, multibody systems, impact/crash, nonlinear statics, heat cogeneration as well as the cogeneration of acoustics and structural behavior. Leading companies in their respective industry use Abaqus Unified FEA to consolidate their processes and tools, to reduce costs and weaknesses and they achieve a competitive edge with it.

  • Abaqus/CAE - Pre/Postprocessor With Abaqus/CAE you can create, process, monitor, diagnose and present progressive Abaqus analyses quickly and efficiently
  • Abaqus/Standard - Implicit Solver Implicit equation solver for linear and nonlinear static and dynamic questions from various disciplines
  • Abaqus/Explicit -Explicit Solver Explicit equation solver for the calculation of highly dynamic procedures as well as forming processes. Particularly suitable for the simulation of short, transient events such as case tests in entertainment electronics, crashworthiness in automotive engineering as well as ballistic impact
  • Abaqus/CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics Abaqus/CFD offers progressive CFD functions for the simulation of a broad range of nonlinear, coupled problems (liquid/heat or liquid/structure)
  • Associative interfaces for CATIA V5/V6, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks. These interfaces enable the associative geometry transfer of a CAD system in Abaqus/CAE. You can process your model in the supported CAD systems and then update it via the associative import in Abaqus/CAE, without losing the analysis functions assigned to the model
  • Interfaces for CATIA V4 and Parasolid (e.g. Unigraphics NX). These interfaces enable the geometry data exchange from the CAD system to Abaqus/CAE
  • Abaqus Topology Optimization Module (ATOM). Whether individual components or entire assemblies, the Abaqus topology optimization module (ATOM) provides comprehensive tools for nonlinear structure optimization to an engineer. ATOM is a user-friendly module in Abaqus/CAE, with which optimization processes can be created, executed, monitored and the results evaluated.