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Administrator Workshop IBM ECM System Monitor

Course ID ESM-AW01
Type Seminar

The ESM Design & Administration Workshop helps you gaining the knowledge how to design, use, configure and maintain ESM V5.5.x with all its capabilities and features.

Target group

ECM/DBA Administrators


Knowledge in the administration of IBM ECM platforms.

  • Introduction – Overview, Architecture, Features of ESM V5.5.x

  • Design Methodology
    • Server and Agents
    • Monitoring and Logfile Management
    • Task Automation
    • Event Forwarding

  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of ESM V5.5.x
    • Installing and configuring the ESM Agent on a CPE server
    • Customizing the ESM User Interface (views, custom trees)
    • Setting up users, groups and roles (ESM internal and LDAP authentication)
    • Setting up IBM DBA and JMX probes and situations
    • Setting up custom monitors and tasks
    • Validation and testing of monitors and logfile monitoring
    • Configuring the Knowledge Base
    • Setting up and running reports
    • Maintenance and Housekeeping

1 day – via GoToMeeting in two instructor-led four-hour online sessions. The sessions take place 9:00AM – 1:00PM US Eastern Time.


980,00 $

Unfortunately, there is no training date planned for this course. You are welcome to send us your request via the contact form. We will review this and contact you as soon as possible.

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