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Introduction to SIMULIA Tosca

Type Online-Training

The training will give you a good overview of Tosca's possibilities and enable you to create and perform optimizations on your own. Nowadays, we are more and more encouraged to be economical with the material resources available to us. This requires (weight-) optimal solutions, especially in the area of mobility.
Tosca Structure calculates the best distributions of material in terms of stiffness/deformation for given loads with a topology optimization. A wide range of nonlinearities can be taken into account, including contact. With the Tosca Shape module, you can efficiently reduce stress peaks so that load changes are endured over a longer period of time. In addition to volume structures, you can also use the Sizing and Bead modules to optimize shell thicknesses/beam cross sections and beads in plates, respectively.

Target group

Engineers, design engineers


Basic knowledge of the finite element method (FEM) . Abaqus/CAE is not mandatory – the Tosca GUI can be used as well.


The following topics are covered:

  • Parametric and non-parametric optimizations (SIMULIA Isight versus SIMULIA Tosca)
  • Introduction to the modules: Topology / Shape / Sizing / Bead
  • Introduction to the Tosca GUI and Tosca View
  • Controller and sensitivity-based optimizations (Design variables, objective functions and constraints)
  • Topology optimization with consideration of manufacturing constraints and free surface smoothing methods (generation of STL files)
  • Shape optimization with mesh-smoothing
  • Sheet metal thickness optimization with bundling of finite elements to sections and definition of discrete sheet thicknesses
  • Bead optimization of shell structures with regard to their stiffness / natural frequencies
  • Outlook: Consideration of geometrically nonlinear deformation behavior and contact

2 days

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28.02.2023 - 01.03.2023 Online Deutsch 6 920,00 EUR S1002704

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