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Programming and Simulation of 3D Laser cutting machines for sheet metal parts


Increasing flexibility & productivity for laser cutting processes, Reduction of programming times, Efficient and semi-automated offline programming of 5-axis laser cutting machines

Target Group

Machine operators of 5-axis laser cutting systems, production managers




All steps from CAD data import to fixture construction to programming and final optimisation of the program will be included. For instance, you will receive an induction to software functions that enable you to create fixtures of any complexity with merely a few clicks.

More added value for your demanding production processes could lie in the extended collision detection which allows for interactive, graphical modification of vectors.

Further highlights of the webinar:

  • Functionality to import most CAD formats – saves the effort of converting
  • Auto contour search based on automatic detection of geometrical contours, and automatic calculation of machine macros and cuttings paths – facilitates the preparation of production geometries.
  • Extended functionality enables you to quickly optimise your toolpaths
  • Extensive machine libraries and post processors grant a rapid introduction to programming
  • Flawless simulation and verification of the entire production process

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45 minutes

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