As employers, we offer our colleagues a broad range of service offers, such as further training opportunities and employee benefits. 

    • How did the values originate?

      In today's day and age, corporate values are becoming evermore important and valuable. They are the foundation and the basis for corporate success. CENIT AG formulates values that guide all employees in their daily tasks and that describe the corporate culture of CENIT. Working with one another, entrepreneurial thinking, sustainable actions and readiness for growth, further development and dynamics are central elements of the corporate values of CENIT AG. This culture rests on 4 pillars:

      PARTNERSHIPS to us means:

      • Respecting our colleagues and business partners
      • Coordinate and keeping agreements
      • Working collaboratively and trustingly with our employees and business partners in order to reach our goals
      • Making relevant information available

      ENTREPRENEURIAL to us means:

      • Employees assume responsibility and act independently
      • Reach deadlines
      • As an employee, to assess the profitability of one's own actions and to keep this in mind
      • As a team, to act across all departments To maintain and build internal and external relations

      FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS to us means:

      • Creating the space for new ideas
      • Questioning existing processes and improving them on a continuous basis
      • As manager, to collectively promote the development of employees with the employees
      • To make targeted use of all knowledge development opportunities and to make this knowledge accessible to our colleagues and business partners
      • To become actively involved in the latest themes and technologies 

      DYNAMIC to us means:

      • Enabling fast decisions through short paths
      • Seeing problems as challenges and pressing ahead with solutions
      • Actively determining the needs of our customers and implementing them in a future-proof manner
    • Your further development at CENIT

      We accompany and support our employees in their professional further job development. Hereby, the annual appraisal interview functions as central element. In this interview you determine your personal goals for the year with your executive.

      Learn something new every day with interesting and to some extent also international projects, as well as a diverse working environment - professionally, as well as personally. Use your know-know and develop your skills in on-the-job training. This process in particular is supported by open feedback, which you receive on you current tasks and projects at all times.

      Training and qualification measures (in technical as well as personal respect), individually catered to your special needs, are also possible. Just talk to your manager.

    • Your benefits at CENIT

      Committed employees are the decisive factor of our success and our most important asset. With an appealing salary model, combined with further benefits like company pension, as well as trust-based working time or employee events, offer a comfortable work environment. In yearly appraisal interviews goals are defined that are to be achieved with the support of the executive and, if applicable, by means of continuing education.

      Compensation and Benefits

      At CENIT, every employee receives appealing and performance-based compensation. Depending on the type of task, there is the possibility of variable compensation or the provision of a company car that can also be used privately. Moreover, we offer our employees an employer-financed retirement benefit scheme, accident insurance benefits in event of death, and an employee-financed direct insurance. You will also receive special days off for family-related events, as well as a personal form of recognition for your years of service in the company.

      The daily work routine

      At CENIT we maintain a culture that revolves around trust-based working time, i.e. you can individually adjust and schedule your working times in line with our respective business requirements. This realizes an ideal work-life balance. All employees also have unlimited free access to beverages, such as coffee, tea, mineral water and milk. You can also take part in our "Employees Recruit Employees" program and receive an attractive bonus for recruiting a new member of staff from among your personal circle of friends and acquaintances. In case you reveal business potential on-site at our customers and consequently CENIT closes a deal with the customer, you will receive a bonus for your effort.

      CENIT also hosts several employee events for its employees to become acquainted with each other and network. Every year, we organize a national summer party for all colleagues in a casual setting. Besides the annual Christmas party, we also host a regular presentation on the development of the company, followed by a get-together at which employees celebrating their company anniversaries are honored. And, since we really care about the health of our staff, we not only take ergonomically equipped workplaces for granted, we also host a “health day” twice a year.

    • Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning job application and training

      • I would fit well into the CENIT working culture. However there are no suitable positions available at this time. Should I apply anyway? Yes, we would be happy to receive your spontaneous application. Please send it to jobs@cenit.de.
      • What happens after I have submitted my application? As soon as we have processed your application, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt. Once we have carefully examined you documents, we will contact you.
      • Who is my contact during the application phase? Each job offer has an individual contact who is available to you for any questions you may have during the application phase. You can contact the respective employee via our headquarters at +49 711 7825-30.
      • What does orientation typically entail? Your manager will welcome you on behalf of CENIT and hand out a welcome package to you. Plus, your manager will introduce you to your fellow colleagues in the team and in the company and to the project. In order to simplify your entry, your manager accompanies you during the first months. During your first three months, you will take part in a national two-day introduction event for new employees. Here you will receive important information about CENIT and can get to know the other new colleagues. Several feedback meetings will furthermore be held with your manager and HR during your first year of employment. 
  • As an employer, it is important to us that our employees feel good at CENIT and that they are motivated. In my opinion, the friendly and cooperative interaction with each other is the basis for a successful and sustainable enterprise. Supplemented with reliability, openness to new ideas, dynamics, assumption of responsibility and trust, we can look to the future with a clear conscience!
     Tobias Dittrich, Head of HR