Bachelor of Engineering - Industrial Engineering

The perfect combination of technology and business

With the dual study program in industrial engineering at CENIT you lay the ideal foundation for your career! With its link between theory and practice as well as technology and business, this degree program is versatile, multifaceted and offers the very best prerequisites for a successful start to your career. During the practical phases, you can choose to focus on consulting and process management or become active in one of the sales positions - depending on your choice, these are aspects you can also focus on during the course of your studies. The practical phases will predominantly take place at our headquarters in Stuttgart (for sales-oriented fields of study, further locations are also possible, e.g. Hannover). The theoretical stages will take place at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heidenheim. You will receive additional financial support from us for these different temporary stays.

    • The dual study program in industrial engineering offers you an exciting job at the interface between business and engineering. During the theoretical part at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heidenheim, for example, you will receive specialist knowledge in the areas of science, technical qualifications as well as operative processes. You can then consolidate and apply this knowledge during the practical stages in our company.

      You will spend the practical phase of your studies in one of our PLM areas, depending on the focus of your studies. At our company, you can specialize in "International Technical Sales" or "International Technical Project Management – Process Management". Depending on your area of specialization, your capacity will involve working at the customers on-site or in the field. As an aspiring industrial engineer, you will learn to analyze machine (manufacturing) processes and to identify optimization potentials. To this end, you will analyze customer processes and advise customers accordingly. Further contents you will encounter during your practical phases are internal workshops and training.

    • The dual degree program in industrial engineering extends over a period of three years, alternating every three months between the university and the company. During the theoretical phases, you will attend lectures and courses at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heidenheim. Here you, along with your fellow students from other companies, acquire extensive knowledge from the field of industrial engineering. During the practical phases, you will work either at the company or onsite at one of our customers. Your training at CENIT will also be supplemented by internal soft-skill training programs, programming training and business-related training.

      You will receive additional financial support from us during the theoretical and practical phases.

      The lectures and courses at the DHBW in Heidenheim take place in three-month blocks and cover a broad spectrum in the field of industrial engineering. The main elements of the degree program are:


      • Mathematics
      • Business studies, economics
      • Information technology
      • Manufacturing technology, design
      • Material engineering, engineering mechanics
      • Project and process management
      • Finances and accounting, controlling
    • For the dual study program in industrial engineering at CENIT you should definitely have an affinity and enthusiasm for technical interrelations, technical project management or technical sales. Plus your personal strengths should also include sound technical and logical capacities, flexibility and communication skills. Are you also reliable, ambitious and a team player? Then you've come to the right place!

      A vocational diploma or general qualification for university entrance (equivalent to the German degrees Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachabitur) are a prerequisite for a dual course in industrial engineering. Your minimum grade should be a B or an equivalent. You should have a particular affinity for scientific subjects.

      If you have the German "Allgemeine Fachhochschulreife" you must also pass the general scholastic aptitude test in line with the admission requirements of the DHBW.

    • CENIT AG offers permanent employment to a large portion of their DHBW graduates. Last year, we offered 75 % of our graduates employment. After completing your studies in industrial engineering with the specialization "International technical sales" you can start your career as a Junior Sales Representative in the area of Product Lifecycle Management. With the specialization in "International technical project management – process management" you could become a process consultant in our SAP-PLM unit. In any case, many interesting tasks and exciting customer projects await you!


An apprenticeship with CENIT is just the right thing for you? Convince us that you are the right person! Send your expressive application (cover letter, CV, and at least two of your last testimonies) to:

What are the next steps then?

  • We will confirm receipt of your application and have a detailed observation of your application.
  • Afterwards you receive a feedback or you will be directly invited to an applicant day. Here, you have the possibility to catch a whiff of “CENIT-air” and we are able to get to know you with your strengths.
  • Directly that day or very prompt afterwards, you receive a feedback whether we can offer you a training- or dual student position with us. In any case you will receive a feedback with an evaluation, if you like.