IT specialist for application development

The customer-oriented service provider

IT specialists for application development at CENIT AG are predominantly active in software development. Their activities are varied and versatile: Creative on the one hand and business-oriented and technical on the other. IT specialists for application development are service providers and are therefore very customer-oriented: They analyze, plan and realize software solutions for our customers and support and advise them with their specialist knowledge.

    • IT specialists for application development develop and program customer-specific software, improve software with the aid of expert and diagnosis systems and advise and train customers in using these solutions. During the course of your apprenticeship, you will obtain the technical and commercial knowledge, as well as ability to turn requirements based on technical and customer needs into hardware and software solutions.

      You will learn software engineering methods and programming languages as well as how to work with developer tools. With this knowledge, you analyze, plan and realize specific software solutions and support and advise customers and users. Work is exclusively project-based and to some extent takes place on customer premises, for instance during the implementation of software or user training sessions.

    • The three-year vocational training is based on a dual system, consisting of the practical apprenticeship at CENIT and further theoretical and general educational elements at the respective local vocational school. These are performed in blocks, and besides the general subjects of business administration, economics, German and English, technical and vocational-related knowledge is also imparted in the subjects Software Application and Development and IT System Technology. As a software and consulting firm, we have the possibility to provide very interesting, versatile and project-oriented activities during the practical phases of the training in the company.

      You will become acquainted with the technical area of employment in the various departments of CENIT AG. You will also receive sales and business knowledge at CENIT. Your vocational training will be rounded off by needs-based further training measures and an extensive educational program. This involves soft skill training, programming training and training focused on economic issues.

      The apprenticeship as IT specialist for application development offered by CENIT can be performed in Stuttgart or in Munich and at your local vocational school.

    • IT specialists for application development require skills such as creativity, diligence, flexibility as well as technical and logical intellectual capacities. You should be very interested in and have an affinity for IT and technology, be open for versatile tasks and work in a customer-oriented and service-oriented fashion. Do you enjoy programming, are ambitious and a team player? You've come to the right place!

      A secondary school leaving certificate (the equivalent of the German diplomas "Mittlere Reife" or "Allgemeine Hochschulreife") is the prerequisite for the apprenticeship to become an IT specialist for application development. You should have good grades in the subjects German, Math, English and Science.

    • CENIT AG offers permanent employment to a large portion of their graduating apprentices. Last year, we offered 70 % of our former apprentices employment. As an IT specialist for application development, you can work as a software developer in one of our departments to work on, solve and realize complex tasks and projects.


An apprenticeship with CENIT is just the right thing for you? Convince us that you are the right person! Send your expressive application (cover letter, CV, and at least two of your last testimonies) to:

What are the next steps then?

  • We will confirm receipt of your application and have a detailed observation of your application.
  • Afterwards you receive a feedback or you will be directly invited to an applicant day. Here, you have the possibility to catch a whiff of “CENIT-air” and we are able to get to know you with your strengths.
  • Directly that day or very prompt afterwards, you receive a feedback whether we can offer you a training- or dual student position with us. In any case you will receive a feedback with an evaluation, if you like.