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CenProCS Use cases

Level 2 Service Desk

Our transversal and transnational team supports all the users in their use of the PLM tools in regards to our customer methods & tools.

  • As part of the support chain, their aims are to harmonize the different support  styles, increase the quality and the reactivity of the support, reduce the costs by an efficient knowledge management in a central service desk for PLM
  • Thanks to our team spread across the four customer main locations, we are able to provide a local support in the four languages (English, French, German, Spanish)
  • Client satisfaction oriented, we are strongly committed on a service level monitored by a full set of key performance indicators shared with the customer
  • Innovative, our team is working with their stakeholders to deploy new support solutions such as omnicanal support in order to improve efficiency


  • Support on client premises to help end users in their daily usage
  • Pro-active support by co-location


  • End-users and supporters are speaking the same language
  • Face to face discussions and explanation of the needs

Multi-national team

  • All customer languages supported (French, English, German, Spanish)
  • Support secured for every working day of each country (no  service disruption due to local bank holidays)


  • Customer methods based support
  • Continuous improvement and learning to secure the consistency with the toolset enhancements.
  • More than


  • Driving innovation on the new ways of supporting the users (live chats, chat bots, self help and self care…)
  • Shift left oriented mindset


  • Industrialized processes mapped on ITIL V3 principles
  • Strong knowledge management process to reduce the lead-time to provide the solutions in case of repetitive incidents

Application health status

  • Check every morning the availability of critical application
  • Monitor all day the probes status

Performance tests

  • Check the performance of critical applications

Alerts & reports 

  • Issues reported and solving process engaged  before the customer work starts

Change Management

Our transnational team is in charge of the management of the technical IT changes within the PLM domain.

  • As a transversal service, our team is gathering all the change requests to secure the validation process and the overall master plan
  • The team masters all the different methodologies (waterfall, Agile, Safe, ITIL) to provide solutions relevant for all the stakeholders and to secure the build to run activities in various contexts

CenProCS Our expertise

Bionic Aircraft

CenProCS is part of the European founded research project BionicAircraft, that has the target to increasing resource efficiency aviation through implementation of ALM technology and bionic design in all stages of an aircraft life cycle.

  • Research & Innovation action for CenProCS: Enabling a large scale application of ALM in aviation industry by an automated bionic lightweight design for ALM parts and integrated ALM pre-processor for commercial 3D-CAD System
  • Objective: A significant simplification of the product development and design cycle for biomimetic lightweight structures due to a simplified design methodology and an increased weight-saving potential through a specific ALM structural sizing activity and optimization (topology).

CenProcs Bionic Aircraft


The Bionic Aircraft Project ended with a success: for the first time it is possible to map a complete 3D printing process chain in CATIA V5.

Digital Twin

We have demonstrated a Digital Process Twin of an unit installation process.

  • The Digital Twin uses production sensors and cameras to detect certain events in the process
  • It enables a real-time monitoring of the production progress, the ability to react quicker in case of deviations as well as a  data collection to allow long-term analysis and to identify potential improvements
  • The project team built up a 3D visualization of the current unit installation as a web-based graphical user interface