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Our skills and know-how

The aerospace industry is moving to a new generation of tools to improve efficiency and promote collaborative work with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. CenProCS has made it one of the main tenets of its global development strategy. Aeronautics is entering the era of 3DEXPERIENCE, CenProCs is mobilizing to support in this exciting transformation.

Thanks to our experience in industry and service, we have developed skills that are applied and applicable to all aeronautical industry players. Our know-how is now deployed on the pure avionics part as well as on the defence, space or helicopter industries. Our expertise covers both IT tools (development, support and deployment of solutions) such as PLM software and design and manufacturing office activities (design support and automation).


  • Embedded SW development
  • AMC/AMC+ (Aircraft  Management Computer)
  • APM (Auto Pilot Management)
  • AFCS (Aircraft Flight Control System)
  • CPDS (Cockpit Primary Display System)
  • MFD (Multi-Function Display)
  • VMS, CDVE & Auto-pilot systems
  • Health & Usage Monitoring System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Ground and Flight Tests department

Information management


  • PLM - Design & Acceptance bundle
  • PLM - Support Level 2 bundle
  • PLM - Transverse services
  • PLM- Deployment support
  • PLM - CoC Functional Design


  • Customer support IT - Tech Data, authoring & publishing
  • Customer Support IT - Marketing Apps


  • Manufacturing -  Robotics software & services


  • R/T SW Applications (ATC Formal Specification, Hosted Applications  / Avionics Apps, LRU Functional coding standards)
  • Avionics for future
  • Cockpit Prototyping
  • Innovation Cell
  • Bionic Aircraft
  • Floor Panel
  • Automation
  • EP – PROLB (Lattice Boltzmann CFD)

Customer Support

  • Customer support R&T
  • Data Definition & Standardization
  • Data Science & Predictive Maintenance on ZERO-AOG plateau

Information Management

  • Technical expertise on 3DS technology
  • New PDM solution / Data Migration


  •  Partner for DGA:

    • CSO SSU  (ground segment) for military satellite survey
    • SENTINEL 2 MPC (cartography + image processing)

  • Satellite simulation
  • European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)
  • Level 2 referencing
  • Engineering
  • Space Mechanics