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IBM Connections is one of the leading social software platforms

The way we work together is changed to an ever greater extent. Collaboration is becoming more networked, more mobile and location independent.

With IBM Connections you respont to these changes by using an innovative method to connect your employees, their specialist knowledge and their tasks.

Document your corporate knowledge in wikis, blogs or forums and connect this knowledge in communities in order to achieve results quickly and collectively.

Find the most suitable expert in just seconds and network with others collectively on tasks and projects.

This and much more is what IBM Connections has to offer.

We would be happy to support you on your way into the future.

    • Design your homepage with the latest and most relevant information for your needs.

    • Profiles: Look for the people you need

      Communities: Work with people that share the same interests and the same specialist knowledge

      • Activities: Organize your work and make use of your professional network
      • Blogs: Introduce your own ideas and learn from others
      • Bookmarks: Save, exchange and share bookmarks
      • Files: Upload files and share documents, presentations, images and other digital content for collective use
      • Forums: Exchange information about important topics and document your corporate knowledge
      • Wikis: Create important documentation collectively
    • Access information from your content management system and archive important information from your Connections modules

  • Those who work alone, add. Those who work together, multiply.
    Franziska Friedl
  • IBM Lotus Connections is a social software product specially developed for businesses.