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CENIT Architecture and infrastructure consulting - so that everything fits!

Besides the purely technical requirements, IT architecture and infrastructure play a decisive role in the introduction and modernization of your ECM applications. Measures must be initiated during the lifecycle of the systems to ensure that your investment performs its services reliably and in a value-retaining manner.

CENIT experts will support you in these issues and ensure that your ECM system meets all IT requirements and fits optimally into your IT infrastructure.

    • We will advise and consult you with regard to the (load) distribution of software components in complex IT environments, just as much as with the realization of high-availability requirements (e.g.: HACMP) or application server clustering. CENIT is also your competent partner with regard to meeting compliance requirements, such as the selection of an audit-proof storage medium (SNAPLOCK, Centera, IBM Information Archiver, etc.) or data encryption.

    • For a quick return on investment, architecture and infrastructure components that have already been introduced must constantly display an optimized cost/benefit relationship. Suitable analysis, tuning and precautionary measures must be implemented for this purpose.

      CENIT, with its targeted transition from installation/development to full operation and with loads tests, performance analysis, performance tuning, error analysis, heath checks and other measures offers an extensive range of services to sustainably secure the value of your investments.