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CENIT receives significant order in the US

Major supplier for Boeing and Airbus places order with CENIT

Stuttgart, August 15, 2007 – In 2006, CENIT`s Executive Board put the focus on internationalization generating the necessary investments. Now, the decision was met with success in the US: an American supplier for Boeing and EADS Airbus placed a million-euro-order with CENIT. This lucrative order, which will date to 2008, is promising to have an announcement effect within the American supplier sector. “For years, CENIT has been considered a reliable and competent Product Lifecycle Management partner to EADS Airbus Group and the respective European suppliers. Obviously, our expertise and know-how has not gone unnoticed overseas“, stresses Kurt Bengel, Member of CENIT´s Executive Board. He adds: „ We are confident, that this service and consulting order will have a significant effect within the US aerospace industry, thus leading to further orders.

Today, CENIT has 18 employees in the US. In the first quarter of 2007, they have generated a revenue of EUR 2.6 million and operative returns of EUR 0.4 million. “ We have taken into consideration the entrepreneurial risk involved and do now receive the reward for our decision. Our focus is on the further growth in the US, thus successfully developing a very important market”, explains Christian Pusch, Speaker of CENIT´s Executive Board.

The order placed by the Boeing- and Airbus-supplier mainly includes services in the digital development and manufacturing sector as well as the henceforth necessary data exchange for the so-called Product Lifecycle Management strategy.

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