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Optimized Plant Construction

In a challenging economy for projects in which quality cannot be compromised, project delays and safety issues can drive up costs. Taking control over capital projects is crucial for all stakeholders in the energy supply chain.

Optimized plan? Precise Execution? Missing Deadlines? Off Budget?

The CENIT solution for this industry guaranties an optimized plant construction. They provide construction excellence for large and complex systems and help you answer significant problems like: validation, description and tractability of a construction using a virtual clone.

      • Product & Requirement Management
      • Program and Project Management
      • Product Development
      • Systems Engineering
      • Product Data Management
      • Change Management
      • BOM Management
      • Document Management
      • 3D Design
      • Mechatronics & Electronics
      • Simulation & Tolerance Simulation
      • Technical Documentation & Communication
      • Spare Parts Catalogs & Solutions
      • Networked Collaboration
      • PLM Consulting
      • PLM System Introduction
      • PLM Process Optimization
      • Method Development/Optimization
      • Application On-Site Support
      • Support Concept
      • Certifications
    • As a recognized consulting and software specialist, CENIT has an extensive training offering in the area of PLM/CAD/CAM. This offering is supplemented by individual training sessions, which our experts would be happy to compile for you based on your requirements.

      Please contact us for further information at info@cenit.de.