PLM with cenitSPIN: Simple, Fast and Efficient

The cenitSPIN Product Suite brings together all the experience with PLM that CENIT has acquired from countless customer projects over the years. cenitSPIN’s technology and layout are seamlessly integrated into the innovative 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This software solution supports businesses in efficiently introducing modern product lifecycle management, making it easier for individual users to master and greatly simplifying business-specific system adjustments.

As an add-on to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, cenitSPIN combines the following benefits:

  • Simple: With the cenitSPIN Dashboard, the right information reaches the right user at the right time. User interfaces follow the “less is more” principle and promote work efficiency.
  • Fast: All parties keep track of their priorities. There are no unwanted delays. Coworkers are able to help the team from outside the workplace with the mobile version.
  • Cost-efficient: the customer configures, rather than programs, cenitSPIN. This reduces the work and expense involved in introducing it, and provides investment security since hassle-free adjustments can be made later on. This standardization simplifies release updates and permanently reduces support costs.
    • Reduce complexity with the cenitSPIN Dashboard

      The cenitSPIN Dashboard is based on the latest web technology and was validated by Dassault Systèmes as a CAA solution. With the integrated cenitSPIN widgets, you can configure individual views of business objects to create a personalized dashboard tailored to your needs and responsibilities. You also have access to all the information you need about product lifecycle management (PLM). In addition to your current tasks, you can display information on the product portfolio and projects or from parts lists, as well as relevant documents, for example.

      Thanks to the compact display and clear structuring of all information relevant to you, you can always keep track of upcoming deadlines for your work. You can perform typical activities like status changes or checking data right on the dashboard. Simple and intuitive operation significantly increases user acceptance and shortens new employee training times.

    • Quick adjustments with little effort

      CENIT provides an agile introductory concept that considerably reduces 3DEXPERIENCE implementation costs. Quickly and flexibly create a system tailored to business-specific requirements and processes using the cenitSPIN Configuration Engine and based on preconfigured best-practice business processes.

      Users can quickly implement even complex adjustments to business logic or automated services, such as stamping drawings, and simultaneously document them with the graphical user interface.

      Subsequent adjustments to changing business processes can be carried out effortlessly. Ultimately, operating and release change costs are considerably reduced, thereby permanently giving your IT budget a break.