Integrated system development

The development of integrated systems is a complex task, not just because of the risks entailed when these systems fail, but also because of the complex multi-level decision paths in engineering and the multi-sector specialist knowledge that is necessary.

Since 2010, the Dassault Systèmes portfolio also encompasses Greensoft system development tools.

REQTIFY, AUTOSAR Builder, ControlBuild

The industry-leading, integrated system development tools Reqtify, AUTOSAR Builder and ControlBuild support development teams in the efficient management of their system development processes in many industry fields, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, transport, industrial equipment, medical technology as well as energy technologies or shipbuilding. With these products, system engineers can develop and validate their model-based, integrated system applications in multi-sector teams.

    • Reqtify is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution for efficient requirements management. Reqtify enables the graphical traceability of requirements and impact analysis in heterogeneous systems along the entire hardware and software development process. Reqtify links development and testing processes with requirements, irrespective of the origin or the format of the requirements. During software and hardware development, Reqtify lets you determine at all times whether all requirements have been implemented and taken into account in the test plans.


      • Quick and simple entry of requirements, attributes, references and links directly from Word or PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, DOORS modules, etc.
      • Interfaces to all common standard solutions, such as requirements and configuration management tools, development tools and test tools
      • Compliance with standards such as ISO061508, ISO26262, Spice, DO178C, DO254, FDA, GAMP, CMMI, and many more
      • Management of changed, new and deleted requirements and their lifecycle information
      • Upstream and downstream impact analyses for regression risk management
      • Automated and individually adaptable report creation Quick ROI thanks to the very simple implementation and use within existing tool landscapes
    • The value-added portion of electronics / electrics as well as the number of control units in vehicles and other intelligent products is growing on a continuous basis - and so is the complexity of the overall product as well as the development process. AUTOSAR Builder is an open, flexible, Eclipse-based tool suite for the development and verification of electrical and electronic automotive systems as well as the respective embedded software in accordance with the AUTOSAR standard. "AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a development partnership of car manufacturers, ECU manufacturers as well as manufacturers of development tools, standard ECU software and microcontrollers. The aim of AUTOSAR is to facilitate the exchange of software on various control units. To this end, a uniform software architecture was developed with standard description and configuration formats for embedded software in the automobile. AUTOSAR defines methods for the description of software in vehicles that ensure that software components can be reused, exchanged, scaled and integrated.“ (Source:


      • The basic component for the development of systems and ECUs is based on the Artop (AUTOSAR Tool Platform) Open System
      • Enables the import of descriptions of model-based designs and the generation of AUTOSAR-compatible codes that can be directly embedded in the ECU
      • Effective system analysis for all phases of the AUTOSAR system development process Quick and simple integration into existing development processes
    • ControlBuild offers an innovative environment for the development and validation of critical control software applications in various industries. This includes the automotive industry, production automation, the pharmaceuticals industry, energy supply, railway transport, shipbuilding and water supply.

      ControlBuild contains a row of graphic and interactive editors for component-based design in line with IEC 61131-3 for the creation of C code and electrical circuit diagrams. In addition, the user has access to a structured set of component libraries (electromechanical components, handling objects, toolboxes,...) as well as a simulation environment for the validation of control software. The scope also includes a code generator for C code from leading PLC manufactures and the automatic generation of documentation.


      • Reduces time and cost expenditure in development
      • Improves quality and security of C code
      • Manages and reduces risks in commissioning systems
      • Facilitates the maintenance of control software
      • Supports industry security standards, such as SIL2, EN50123 and IEC61508