Customer Story - SIASUN - CENIT INT

SIASUN chooses CENIT to develop software for simulation and programming of their new 3D laser machine


  • Competitivity in today’s market
  • Customers require professional software to take full advantage of all available features of the machines


  • A turn-key solution, a SIASUN branded offline programming software


  • A modular design and open software that responds to the SIASUN requirements.
  • A tailor-made user experience for SIASUN Laser Cutting clients


SIASUN is a high-tech listed enterprise belonging to Chinese Academy of Sciences, which takes robotic technology as the core and focuses on providing intelligent products & services. It is TOP 10 leading enterprise in Chinese robotic industry, who has the most comprehensive robotic products line in the world. As the largest robot industrial base in China, SIASUN was established in the year of 2000. Its group HQ locates in Shenyang, international HQ locates in Shanghai and finance HQ locates in Beijing.