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Crystal-Clear Advantages with 3DExperience Platform
  • To remain a step ahead of the competition, Mecaplex had to optimize its design processes and make product know-how for current and future uses available throughout the enterprise.
  • Mecaplex opted in favor of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform to drive its design, analysis and data management  including DELMIA Machining for CNC programming and 3D simulation
  • Engineers can design aircraft glazing in any range of shapes and complexity
  • Analyze resistance to external influences such as strong winds
  • Additionally, the entire product lifecycle intellectual property is saved
  • Everything from a single  provider: software, installation, post-processor and training
  • Good experiences through long-term cooperation

About Mecaplex

  • Core competence: Impact-resistant and heated cockpit glazing as well as sun-shielded & shatterproof windshields
  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence
Development, design and implementation with CENIT
  • CENIT has taken over responsibility for training the engineers at Airbus Deutschland and is available to the specialist departments for technical consultation

About Airbus

  • Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Efficient product development with CATIA Composites Design

About Carbo Tech

  • Sector: Automotive, Others


Working faster and more efficient with CATIA

About Georg Fischer

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment, Others

Efficient product development and structured processes

About Jean Müller

  • Sector: Energy, Process & Utilities

Efficient development process with integrated product data

About Judel/Vrolijk

  • Sector: Travel, Transport & Logistics



Continuous processes with CATIA and ENOVIA

About TechniSat

  • Sector: Automotive, Consumer Goods

Casting with CATIA
  • High demands on the CAD system: metal casting involves flow, fill and solidification procedures
  • Flow- and stream-optimized design is essential
  • vonRoll casting uses CATIA to realize and optimize complex-geometry models
  • Reduced time cycle in product development
  • Complex free-form surfaces and intricate parts with many interior cores that can be readily implemented and reproduced
  • Problem-free data exchange with customers
  • System integration, provision and maintenance of solutions, as well as consulting and training for users

About vonRoll casting

  • Core competence: one of Europe's most modern and innovative foundries
  • Sector: Engineering Industry (foundry)
Watchmaking craftsmanship with 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Eterna needed a powerful software solution to fully benefit from the capabilities on their new 3-axis CNC milling machines for watch manufacturing
  • The DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform including DELMIA Machining Pack for 3D simulation and NC programming
  • automatic NC programming capabilities
  • reducing production cycle times
  • Improve the sustainability of production by reducing the waste of materials
  • The desire to have the expertise and a complete solution from just one single provider (software, post-processor, installation, training)

About Eterna

  • Core competence: mechanical and self-winding watch
  • Sector: watch manufacturer
Optimized down to the NC Machine
  • Reduction of the programming effort
  • Increase reliability of the offline programming to make sure that the machine is working without errors

  • New constructions methods in CATIA V5 and appropriate CENIT training
  • Customized macros, templates, and postprocessors
  • Automation of subtasks
  • Reduced lead time by using macros for standard process steps
  • Reduction of mistakes
  • Reduction of loss of information when using different data formats

  • Over 15 years project collaboration with CENIT
  • Long time experience of CENIT with customized software developments

About AWM AG

  • Core competence: Tool and special purpose machinery manufacturer
  • Sector: Industrial equipment
FASTTRIM waterjet cuts prototyping cost

About W.P. Hydroschneide Technik

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment

FASTTIP enables complex 6-axis programming
  • Efficient implementation of 6-axis programming
  • Collision-free drilling programs with a large variety of drilling positions
  • PIK development
  • Training and support

  • Significant time and cost-saving
  • Reliable programming and simulation for drilling processes
  • One environment for machining and robotics
  • Following a market analysis, BAE Systems established that only CENIT AG was in a position to deliver a financially and technologically adequate solution.

About BAE Systems

  • Core competence: manufacturing and assembly of military aircraft components
  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence
The right way to program and simulate 6 axes

About Zimmermann

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment

Accelerated development and manufacturing with CATIA

About WHZ Racingteam

  • Sector: Others



Offline-Programming Solution for automated A380 Wing Assembly
  • High level of automation in NC programming
  • Due to the number of controlled NC-Axes it is not possible to program the machine interactively. Hence, a knowledge based automation approach became necessary
  • The offline-programming solution FASTTIP developed by the CENIT AG
  • Process specific customization of user interface and programming automation
  • Knowledge-based automation in programming and quick reaction to design changes
  • All the time the user has powerful functionalities to manually modify sequences, that couldn’t be covered by knowledge rules
  • Analysis of process requirements and covering of process knowledge in the programming system
  • Strong support of the specialist departments for technical consultation

About Airbus UK

  • Core competence: Aircraft production
  • Sector: Aviation industry

Offline Programming for Laser Deposit Welding on Tools

About BMW

  • Sector: Automotive

Manufacturing Cavity Preservation Nozzles
  • Fully automated, template-based 3D programming solution
  • Less than 1 minute to NC program for all nozzle variants
  • Customizing of FASTTRIM
  • Standardized approach

About BMW

  • Sector: Automotive

Laser Hardening of Tools
  • Laser hardening is a means of increasing the service life of molding and cutting tools. The fine-tuned programming solution FASTTRIM makes laser hardening the right choice for many industrial applications.

About BMW

  • Sector: Automotive

Efficient Offline Programming of TRUMPF Machines for 3D Laser Cutting

About CNC Stanz-und Lasertechnik

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment

Laser Trimming of Prototype Components

About Concad

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment

CNC Manufacturing with CATIA V5

About CNC - Fertigung Glöckler

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment

Water Jet Cutting of Aerospace Composite Parts

About Rex Composites

  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence

Offline Programming of a flexible robotic drilling cell for cargo doors

About SAAB

  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence

Efficient Roller Hemming at EBZ

About EBZ

  • Sector: Automotive

Precision and accuracy right from the start

About Aesculap

  • Sector: Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Healthcare

Long-standing FASTTRIM users successfully work for the Olympic Flame

About Premier Group

  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence, Automotive



Die Sinking Erosion: Process Chain Optimization

About Takata

  • Sector: Automotive

Realistic NC Machine Simulation

About StarragHeckert

  • Branche: Aerospace & Defence

Around the world with Solar Energy and 3DEXPERIENCE!
  • To design, build and fly around the world in a solar-powered plane
  • Demonstrate what is possible using alternative energy sources.
  • The company used Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for design and assembly simulation
  • Possibility to determine the best weight size configuration for the plane and the optimal cockpit design
  • Avoidance of the  assembly issues before building the plane.
  • Competence and reliable support for the software implementation

About Solar Impulse

  • Core competence: solar-powered planes
  • Sector: Aerospace and Solar Industry
The Best out of Steel
  • Integration of several 5-axis milling machines with different control systems as well as integration of an NC-based machine simulation in CATIA
  • Complex and error-prone generation of CAD data for different variants and the associated parts lists

  • Use of tried and tested standard postprocessors as a basis expansion to incorporate customer-specific requirements
  • Step-by-step approach to immediately take new project knowledge and results into account for the benefit of current implementation and later project steps
  • Increased process reliability and fast productive usage of the solution
  • Reduction of the error sources and time needed for the development and manufacture of product variation

  • Standard components for low follow-on costs, despite highly client-specific implementation
  • Strong service orientation offered by CENIT from the development until the implementation for the solutions offered

About Strack Norma

  • Core competence: Development and production of standard parts
  • Industry: Manufacturer and supplier of standard parts for the tool- and mouldmaking




Business Process Optimization for Faster Customer Service
  • To improve customer service by accelerating business processes
  • Introduction of a centralized document management system with CENIT ECLISIO as an electronic file for filling, indexing, administration and archiving of all documents
  • Shorter job processing times in customer service
  • Reduced process costs
  • Enhanced information and decission-making capabilities thanks to ready availability of all relevant information
  • Parallel and direct file access for all case handling departments

About Deutsche Leasing

  • Sector: Financial & Business Services
Electronic files as the basis for efficient processes and knowledge management: user-friendly, scalable, international
  • The system landscape for archiving and document management was no longer suitable for the requirements.
  • Introduction of CENIT ECLISO with IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager and integration into Lotus Notes as the basis for a company-wide Enterprise Content Management System.
  • Improved document-based business processes
  • Central document management in a familiar working environment
  • Individual expandability by internal development department
  • Offline capability for mobile users

About Viessmann

  • Sector: Industrial Equipment
Productivity up, costs down

About Webasto

  • Sector: Automotive

Inovative service with high added value
  • Simplify the creation of customer documentation
  • Facilitate customers requests for spare parts
  • Improve customer satisfaction and provide an innovative service
  • Mikron uses the Catalog Creator solution which is connected to Enovia SmarTeam to automatically generate customer documentation in 2D and 3D
  • A faster and complete data exchange with the customers with an electronic 3D documentation created in a click
  • A high value-added service for the customers which allows us to differentiate from competitors
  • To have expertise and complete solution from a single parnter
  • CENIT supports the development of internal processes of Mikron for several years

About Mikron Automation

  • Core competences: Automation systems for assembly processes
  • Sector Assembly machines manufacturers
CAD and SAP PLM infrastructure operations
  • CATIA and SPA CDI infrastructure operations in just one service agreement
  • Release management, taking into account the dependencies of CATIA, SAP CDI and SAP conversion server
  • ITIL Support concept
  • Involvement of CENIT Servicedesk
  • Use of cenitFLEX+ as an administration tool for customer environments
  • Safeguarding operation with 99% availability and at the same administrative relief
  • Cost transparency and contractual scaling during runtime possible
  • SPOC for all PLM problems

  • In-depth knowledge of SAP CDI and CATIA installations
  • In-depth knowledge of the aerospace industry requirements
  • Long time experience proven by customer testimonials

About DIEHL Aerospace

  • Sector: Aerospace & Defence
Constant global availability of CAD systems


  • Sector: Industrial Equipment, Automotive

Management of the CATIA and Siemens NX environment
  • Management of the CATIA and Siemens NX environment
  • Administration of OEM environments for CATIA and Siemens NX
  • Assured 99% availability
  • ITIL support concept
  • Integration with the CENIT Service Desk
  • Deployment of cenitFLEX+ as a core OEM administration tool
  • Fixed monthly price thanks to modular calculation
  • Assured operation with 99% availability and simultaneous reduction of administrative workload
  • Cost transparency and scaling options during the term of the contract
  • SPOC for all PLM problems
  • Profound expertise in CATIA installation and operation
  • Professional OEM release management for CATIA and Siemens NX
  • Experience documented by references

About SaarGummi

SaarGummi Group is the global full-service provider for auto body seals and molded products - from materials development to product design to realization of complex sealing systems. As an innovation leader, the company combines safety and individuality with a maximum of driving comfort.

Maximizing service quality and customer experience in Claims Processing
  • Establishment of proactive monitoring for early detection and prevention of potential errors of the IBM ECM platform
  • Provision of event information for accelerated root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • Central operation of decentralized ECM systems
  • Implementation of IBM ECM System Monitor for monitoring the IBM ECM and 3rd party systems
  • Integration of ECM monitoring with central event management / IT Operations
  • Prevention of outages of ECM applications – reduced productivity losses in business units
  • Faster root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • Increased insight into the ECM platform’s health and behavior

About EVRY

  • Sector: Insurances
Case Handling the smart Way - W&W Informatik and Cenit optimize case processing at Wüstenrot.

Wüstenrot Bausparkasse [Savings & Loan] AG, a subsidiary of W&W Group (W&W AG) relies on ultra-modern automation for its case processing. For years, incoming documents have been handled via electronic inboxes. To steadily optimize customer support and service, W&W strives to continually improve the underlying processes. Recently, an expansion update was installed to realize a number of improvement wishes on the part of Wüstenrot’s IT department. The changes have accelerated case intake, optimized document routing, and enabled more comprehensive monitoring. 


In collaboration with CENIT, the W&W project team expanded the mechanisms governing the automated case file management and mapped additional technical requirements with respect to the automated rules. Routing within the ILOG was optimized, and a case history was introduced. Wüstenrot staff can see via the portal what contract or customer changes have been made as a result of what case activity, and what documents (inbox and outbox) belong to a case file. Another innovation is data enhancement within the inbox: W&W’s systems now include more customer information in the data package appended to the case file in the inbox.

  • Implementation of new, more precise rules in automated case processing
  • Addition of personal inboxes to the inbox system
  • Data enhancement within the inbox: greater transparency thanks to a broader customer information
  • Improved monitoring for increased work efficiency

With its portfolio in the sphere of enterprise information management (EIM), CENIT is a specialist for IT-based management of enterprise-critical documents and information within core customer processes, primarily for financial service providers.

About W&W Informatik

W&W Informatik GmbH is the exclusive IT service provider for Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group. With about 850 staff, the enterprise develops and operates all IT applications within W&W Group and is responsible for networks, decentralized systems, architectures and computing centers.

Operation of CATIA V5/SmarTeam and Siemens NX in Ratingen and Newark (GB)
  • SmarTeam Operation/ CATIA environment plus Siemens NX
  • SmarTeam server in Ratingen and Newark
  • Ensuring 99% availability
  • Administration of OEM environments for CATIA and Siemens NX
  • Use of cenitFLEX+ as the central OEM administration tool
  • ITIL support concept
  • Integration in the CENIT Servicedesk
  • Fixed monthly price by modular calculation
  • Adimistrativ relief of the project manager and the Key-Users
  • Prompt, proactive actualization of all OEM environments
  • Cost transparency and scaling of contract possible at runtime
  • SPOC for all company subjects
  • Established knowledge of SmarTeam and CATIA installation
  • Professional OEM release management also for Siemens NX
  • Experiences proved by references

About NSK

  • Sector: Mechanical engineering, Automotive suppliers, Consumer Goods
Hydraulic design chain for turbines.
  • In order to provide to its customers a drawing documentation in a shorter period of time, Mhylab needed to improve responsiveness and to obtain a better control of the customer turbines chain.
  • Mhylab uses CATIA to manage the design process, including the complex surfaces of the turbine blades.
  • Complete control of the design chain
  • Reduced time for product development, including optimized design process
  • A more comprehensive and responsive data exchange with the customers
  • Quality and flexibility of the services provided including tips for optimizing the design process, system integration, implementation and maintenance of solutions as well as user training

About Mhylab

  • Core competence: Tailor made solutions for turbine manufacturers and plant developers
  • Industry: Engineering and hydro energy
Efficiency in production with SAP PLM, Engineering Control Center and the integration of CATIA V5 and NX

Being able to produce high-precision parts for the aerospace, marine, wind energy and transportation industry plays the key role for Janicki Industries. CENIT North America took the lead role in implementing SAP PLM together with ECTR, CATIA V5 and NX CAD integrations, which were crucial to meet the advanced CAD tools required by their customers.


As Janicki had not implemented any SAP program before the start of this project, this was the first necessary step for a successful implementation. With CENIT as development partner, Janicki was then provided with installation and configuration of ECTR with CATIA V5, while DSC took care of the NX CAD integration. Moreover, CENIT North America implemented one of its own collaboration products EnCo 4.4. Engineering Control Center was chosen as the CAD integration for both NX and CATIA V5 in order to allow all users to have the same Graphic User Interface for each CAD system.


The main benefits archived for Janicki Industries by this project is the improved efficiency, as well as the reduced time needed in designing 2D and 3D models. The models and documents are now directly linked to the parts and real time changes can be made to 2D/3D models by using different CAD systems. Furthermore, the status network is available to identify the status of different models/parts. Particularly the Graphical User Interface is now very user friendly for all implemented CAD systems.

Janicki Industries is an engineering & manufacturing company specializing in composite & metal parts, tooling & prototypes for aerospace, military, marine, architecture & other industries.

Janicki Industries is an engineering supplier of composite parts, tools and prototypes for aerospace, marine, energy, architecture and transportation.

Innovative solution to manage CATIA V5
  • Critical process: The serial development of wiring systems and components
  • The diversity of demands in the overall process requires a large number of licenses and individual application know-how
  • cenitFLEX+ Licenses Management offers the a comprehensive overview for a perfect license administration
  • Use of CATIA V5 licenses for customer - specific requirements in the design and wiring systems development
  • Quick deployment and optimization of CATIA licenses
  • Significant increase in delivery on schedule due to faster variants generation
  • Solid product quality by increased requirements
  • Efficient and effective working time management and thus added value through professional consulting and excellent service
  • Customer best interest is the focus
  • Long-term and good partnership
  • Competent consulting
  • High flexibility
  • Reliable partner

About add solution

  • Core Competence:
    Electronics and wiring systems development
    Component design / development
    Software development
  • Indutry: Automotive and Suppliers
The 4th Industrial Revolution and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • As one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, ZHAW’s continuing challenge is to prepare its engineering students for the job market by teaching them the latest digital technologies and industry processes that can improve their competitive advantage.
  • ZHAW School of Engineering provides theoretical and practical training on CATIA for multi-disciplinary systems design and documentation, ENOVIA for collaboration, DELMIA for manufacturing simulation and robotics, and 3DEXCITE for high-end 3D visualization.
  • Learning the latest Dassault Systèmes’ technologies and methodologies increases engineering students’ rate of employment ensuring they have a solid background that provides companies with immediate benefit, without the need for additional training.

About ZHAW

  • Leading Swiss university of applied sciences.
  • Schools: Applied Linguistics; Applied Psychology; Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering; Engineering; Health Professions; Life Sciences and Facility Management; Management and Law; and Social Work.
  • Students: 10,234
  • Headquarters: Winterthur, Switzerland
Interdisciplinary development support in simulation
  • For a successful simulation of highly complex models, a step-by-step model is required
  • Overall use of the SIMULIA features for complex contexts
  • Long calculation times increase development time and costs
  • Individual development support for multi-stage model development and definition of the appropriate physical and mathematical approach
  • Solution for the convergence problems that were arising during the calculation
  • Reduction of the calculation time up to 60%
  • Ensuring the consistency between simulation and reality
  • Increase the quality of the calculation results
  • Multidisciplinary, continuous functional mapping of the macrosystem
  • Customer best intrest is always in facus at CENIT
  • Competent consulting for various requirements in product development
  • Reliable and strategic partner

About Tectos GmbH

  • Core competence: Development of highly complex, mechanical systems
  • Industry: Automotive
Implementation of a PLM solution based on 3DEXPERIENCE
Working with CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Implementation of a modern PDM / PLM solution for CATIA V5 (NX follows), taking into account important development and production requirements for future operations
  • Pre-defined and agreed costs for implementation and operation
  • Dassaults Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for CATIA V5 data-, release- and workflow- management
  • cenitSPIN for configuration
  • cenitFLEX+ as start tool and central OEM administration tool
  • ITIL support concept
  • Providing automatically the relevant data for authorized persons and departments
  • Defined, comprehensible and process-safe development and production processes
  • Reduction of error sources
  • Focus on core issues
  • A competent and reliable partner for many years
  • Everything from one source: implementation, training, operation and maintenance
  • Standard modules: lower follow-up costs despite customer-specific implementation


  • Industry: Automotive supply industry
    The world's leading specialist for all moving parts in car seats (ex. seat depth adjusters, etc.)

Improving Product Development with SAP Engineering Control Center

About ebm-papst

  • Industry: Industrial machinery and components

Georg Fischer modernizes product development

About Georg Fischer

  • Industry: Automotive

Implementing a Global PLM System

About A. O. Smith

  • Industry: Mechanical Engneering

Collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Collaboration with an international OEM who has deployed 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Integration of several development locations
  • Rapid project implementation immediately upon contract conclusion
  • Early coordination with CENIT regarding technical options
  • Integration with the OEM’s 3DEXPERIENCE infrastructure
  • Staff training and onboarding by CENIT
  • Quick, successful project start
  • Rapid onboarding of staff
  • Proof of flexibility and agility in collaboration with the OEM
  • Trust-based collaboration
  • Early consulting
  • Rapid project implementation
  • 3DEXPERIENCE competency


FEV Group is an internationally recognized service provider in vehicle development. In addition to consulting, the FEV competency range includes development and testing of innovative vehicle concepts through to series maturity. Aside from engine and transmission development, vehicle integration, calibration and homologation of petrol and diesel engines, FEV is increasingly focusing on hybrid and electrical drive systems as well as alternative fuels.

3DEXPERIENCE for global collaboration
  • Worldwide development
  • Reduction of development time
  • Increasing complexity of new vehicles
  • Requirement of mechanical and electronic components for the design
  • 3DEXPERIENCE for global collaboration
  • Highest quality of Class-A surfaces (visible surfaces) by ICEM Surf
  • Multi-site development
  • Competitive advantages through faster time to market
  • Realization of the digital twin
  • Central database with consistent, valid data
  • Wide range of solutions from Dassault Systèmes software
  • Excellent consulting skills
  • Customer value is always focused
  • Everything out of one hand

About NIO

NIO is a global start-up company focused on design, development and manufacturing of intelligent, high-performance premium electric vehicles.

Crown - Efficient offline Programming for Arc Welding
  • The addition of more robots to production requires the addition of more experienced programming personnel
  • Lost production time
  • Replacement of the time-consuming manual teaching of the robot systems with simulation-based offline programming for tool path generation
  • The programming takes place in the simulation environment of FASTSUITE Edition 2 (offline, i. e. parallel to the productive operation of the system) and as a result the downtimes of the system have been significantly reduced
  • The production interruptions for setting up and teaching new components has been reduced to a minimum
  • The welding quality of the solid steel parts is consistently very good
  • The close cooperation of the FASTSUITE developers with leading robot manufacturers
  • The software has a controller add-on for the welding cell from Reis and enables a very precise simulation and optimization of the system on the PC
  • The practical experience of CENIT's employees in the offline programming of a wide variety of systems helped to read in the robot program on the welding cell and run it safely


  • Core competence: Production of forklifts in the Roding facility
  • Industry: Industrial equipment