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21. Solutions  
Corporate and financial planning, Planning solutions for HR, sales and purchasing, Predictive maintenance & quality assurance, Reporting, Location intelligence, Content analytics, Analytics and…  
22. Planning, predictive analytics, reporting  
You need data as a basis for your decisions? Reporting supplies this foundation, currently and reliably
You want to understand why there were specific trends and developments and want to learn…
23. Services  
Strategy consulting, Process consulting and solution design, Realization & implementation, Managed services  
24. Processing, file and document management  
The basis of all processing is documents, files and associated transactions. The introduction and development of solutions for their digitalization has long been recognized in most companies - but…  
25. Application modernization and migration  
Frequently, existing systems are not fit for the current requirements of the digital user and therefore do not meet the challenges of the digital society. Through intelligent use of current…  
26. 360 degree customer communication  
The challenge of 360 degree customer communication is to fulfill the customer's wish for new communication channels, and guarantee quick reaction times and a seamless overview of all processes.  
27. Software  
CENIT eMigrator and SAPMIG, Cenit Service Manager  
28. Solutions  
Migrations checkup, Application modernization, System consolidation, Document migration  
29. IBM ECM System Monitor  
IBM’s Business Automation (BA) solutions are mission-critical – often used 24/7 in customer facing business processes or as a supplier to Robotic Process Automation. A high service quality of these…  
IBM Content Navigator is a powerful UI for IBM‘s DBA and Content products. However there is some room for improvement to make the user‘s life easier. Activities like switching between desktops,…