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31. Software  
CENIT ECLISO, SAP archiving, CENIT INES and SAPIC, IBM Case Manager, IBM ECM System Monitor, Interactive letter writing and output management, IBM analytics, CENIT ICN Toolboox & Retention  
32. Retention  
Companies suffer from litigation and high fines for not managing their documents properly. This has become even worse with the introduction of strict, extraterritorial data protection regulations…  
33. Solutions  
Input management & archiving, Case management and BPM, Content & document management, Electronic file, Content analytics, Compliance & governance, Contract management, Retention  
34. Software  
Input management products, Solutions for interactive communication, Files and processing, Output management products  
35. Solutions  
Multi channel input, Business processes, Communications History and transparency, Communications Analysis, Personalized customer dialog - interactive videos  
36. Digital Factory  
Digital Factory Solutions B.U. is developing and implementing FASTSUITE, a scalable 3D simulation platform for digital twins of production plants. The software helps manufacturing companies design,…  
37. Dassault Systèmes  
Recognized as the leading holistic advisor and integrator for Product Lifecycle Experience, CENIT provides the best-in-class solutions to help businesses to optimize their digital production…  
For contour processing using robots.
Powerful offline programming system for 3D contours in robot environments
Potential fields of application: Laser-beam cutting, water-jet cutting,…
For management of joining elements in CATIA.
Intuitive and centralized working environment for the management of large volumes of joining elements for technologies like Riveting, Screwing,…
For realistic machine Simulation.
NC output of the post processor forms the basis for the simulation
Complete and coordinated package: integrated machine model, post processor and…