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CENIT is striving to move forward. We want to pioneer the digitization of processes - in order to meet our customers' expectations in the best possible way and to shape their success. To this end, we want to be strong internally: We are united by a common vision, a set of shared values and clear objectives. They shape the way we act as a team and cooperate with our partners and the global eco system.

CENIT Culture

CENIT is synonymous with change – transformation is in our company DNA. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our customers in taking the right steps towards digitalization and implementing major changes effectively.

More than 1000 employees from 30 nationalities work at CENIT, helping to make companies fit for the digital future – whether it's start-ups, medium-sized businesses or major corporations. Our staff is the driving force of our company, and our reason to be proud.

A spirit of partnership, being open to new ideas and taking joy in new challenges: these are the things that set CENIT apart. With relationships built on mutual trust, we are able to adapt to and meet the requirements of the market quickly and flexibly. We do this with a responsible, entrepreneurial approach. We value our employees, customers, partners and shareholders and aim for a lifetime partnership.

As a company, we trust in the strength of each individual and in that of our world wide team.

// Strategy


  • We are a trusted advisor to our customers and establish trust based long-term relationships.
  • We value our employees and aim for a lifetime partnership.
  • We foster strategic partnerships with leading hybrid platform providers to enhance our cutting edge own software and service portfolio.
  • We provide deep industry and functional expertise along the entire digital value chain.
  • We are present in local markets close to our global customers and provide nearshore options for operations.
  • We focus on steady organic and inorganic growth by preserving our unique culture.
  • We measure, analyze and improve in a sense of a learning culture.

Merger & Akquisitionen Strategy

CENIT is constantly developing. In order to consistently act as a pioneer in the sustainable digitization of processes, we want to grow and further expand our offerings and expertise.

One of the goals of our corporate strategy is growth through acquisitions. In this way, we want to expand our market presence and strengthen the performance of the CENIT Group.

In order to be able to optimally complement CENIT's portfolio through mergers & acquisitions - and to strengthen the CENIT Group - we defined criteria that focus, among other things, on the cultural and technological dimension.

We use the following criteria as a Basis:

  • Geography: North America and Europe only
  • Annual revenue between 5 to 30 Mio. €​
  • Solution/ services related to our 5 divisions as tuck-in or separate​
  • Recurring revenues​
  • Talents/ experts/ special knowledge for CENIT team ​
  • Technology / software for CENIT portfolio​
  • Regional presence / coverage as expansion for CENIT​
  • New niche markets/ segments to expand expertise​

Akquise cad scheffler
Sales: €77.06 million, Employee: 636

Akquise Conunit GmbH

Akquise Transcat PLM AG (Schweiz)
Gründung CENIT Japan

Akquise SPI Numérique

Majority holding Coristo GmbH

Akquise Keonys

Majority holding in SYNOPT
Sales: €151.7 million, Mitarbeiter: 764

Full-service provider for analytics, process digitization and application management
Software solutions in the field of SAP HANA, Big Data, Data Management, Cloud-Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Approx. 200 emloyees in six locations (D)
Sales: 22.8 million EUR, EBIT: 3.2 million EUR in 2021
The goal is to be together the #1 in document logistics and information management in the D-A-CH region.