After studying, finding the right first job is important – you’ve learned lots of theory, and now comes the point where you need to put it into practice. CENIT offers excellent career entry opportunities. Everyone gives you a chance, because they know that you are just starting out. You become part of the team, learn and work together with the other team members, and start to grow into your role. And if the team gives you a chance, has a little patience, and recognizes your potential – then it all works out for the best. Of course, not everything works out perfectly first time round, but you know that you are being supported. And so you grow into the job. I’ve learned a lot in my first year and I know I will learn a lot more. 

Abderrahim Houbbadi joined CENIT straight after his degree in Business Informatics as a junior consultant in the area of Application Management Services PLM – 3DEXPERIENCE.

I always wanted to be a consultant. Therefore, gathering working experience after graduating is of essential importance. And experience is what you accumulate only by being part of a project team. At CENIT, I could work with customers right from the start. I was part of a dedicated team where I could realize my own ideas successfully, and at the same time I was able to garner a lot of knowledge from seasoned consultants. As a newcomer, I had a lot of leeway in decision-making, which probably was a bit unusual in scope compared to policies in other companies. Learning by doing, this is what I really like about working at CENIT. The projects are interesting, challenging and complex. The most fascinating aspect of the job is that you directly take part in shaping the 21st century – ‚digital revolution’.

Florian Gah has completed a dual curriculum of business informatics at CENIT and is now working as a consultant in the area of SAP-Solutions.

After my studies I got involved in topics that are well aligned with my interests and qualifications. During my training period I received a lot of support from my colleagues. After about three months I was engaged in my first customer project. I received a high level of trust and quickly grew with the job. I never experienced acute pressure or the fear of lagging behind. Of course, I was a little nervous ahead of my first large customer project. As a young expert I am confronted with distinct expectations. This is a process developing step by step, and I’m never alone. Especially experienced colleagues are always supportive and provide assistance, no matter what.

Juri Bernhardt has completed his bachelor’s thesis at CENIT and is now working as a consultant and developer in the area of enterprise information management.

During studies I was introduced to the area of EIM – but CENIT also provided me with the possibility to sneak into various other divisions. When I found out that my talents and liking point towards development, CENIT found a suitable position for me after I had finished my bachelor’s thesis. Training did take a little bit longer as I had to learn a completely new programming language and get acquainted with new assignments. My new team drafted a training plan, always providing support so that I was never left alone with my daily jobs. Only one year has passed and I would have never expected to be able to program that well, or manage jobs at this level independently. CENIT puts a focus not only on corporate goals, but on personal training and the development of know how. 

CENIT Entry levelShe has completed a dual curriculum of business informatics at CENIT and is now working as a software developer in the area of digital manufacture.

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Yes of course – if you have just successfully completed your studies or vocational training and are now looking for a new challenge. We always try to find exactly the right job for you – one that matches you and your needs. 

In addition, we offer great training opportunities and optimal support from mentors and managers. Thanks to the broad range of options in different departments, you enjoy flexibility in your further development at CENIT. 

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