Can digitalized document, file and process editing be implemented company-wide and still remain efficiently operable? You bet! After all, digitalization begins in daily operations.

The basis of all processing is documents, files and associated transactions. Therefore, the resulting necessity for introduction or removal of a digital solution has been known for a long time in most companies, but only infrequently implemented.

File and transaction processing

At the core, we continue to observe recurrent challenges that are weighted differently depending on the sector, yet are frequently similar: In this connection, many companies complain about the high costs for storage and, particularly, research for information. This relates to everyday tasks, as well as situations that are not everyday, such as research on past contract negotiations and their approvals, including decision-making bases. This usually entails heterogeneous storage structures that further impede change verification of change histories or determining the reliability or integrity of the information.

Collaboration across locations and teams, therefore, is frequently impaired by the use of paper as well as non-uniform processes and systems.

This applies, in particular, when parts of areas are already digitalized, but no process support has been represented - or if the medium email is used for processing and approvals.

File and transaction processing

Efficient processes requested in file and transaction processing

In these situations, we often efficiently assist in the desire for solutions and processes and securely support the storage of information and files and reliably adopt and fulfill compliance guidelines and legal specifications.

Based on long-term experience in the context of enterprise context management and business process management solutions, CENIT offers a solution to these requirements in the introduction of an electronic file with integrated document and transaction processing.

In the process, it is essential, based on our experience, that the electronic file is capable of combining all types of information and content to create a special storage criterion and that the solution fulfills the IT and safety requirements, as well as the user requirements - and is simply and efficiently operable in the process.

Tested solution for company-wide use

For this purpose, CENIT has focused on the technical perspective of users and companies, specifically in the German and European market, and offers a tested solution for the aforementioned aspects, CENIT ECLISO. It has generic functionalities for file management and task management, by means of which appropriate configuration of adapted views is provided for the various user groups of a company. Integration of the IBM FileNet ECM platform guarantees a very high functional expansion depth for management of documents, files and processes.

This combination of the performance of market leader IBM with the technical focus of CENIT offers the company high security with respect to investment protection and expansion possibilities - with simultaneously high technical benefits for flexible options in use.

File and transaction processing

The solution also offers numerous search options beyond the possibilities of structured files - from reliable possibilities of a metadata and full-text-based search to far-reaching modern analysis possibilities with content analytics - and integration of artificial intelligence for implementation of natural-language search queries.

For company-wide use, CENIT supplements the solution with corresponding expansions from the IBM FileNet ECM platform. This includes connections of SAP, email systems and Microsoft Sharepoint environments, as well as various solutions for input and output management or for process management (BPM) and case processing (CASE Management).

For typical applications, CENIT offers best practices and supplemental solutions, e.g. for retention management (handling of storage and deletion periods), for implementation of DSGVO-relevant documentation and process duties, as well as for typical technical applications, such as contract management, process files, invoice processing, etc.

You can count on us.

In addition to providing CENIT ECLISO, as a trusted advisor in the overall origination process of a solution for document, file and transaction processing, we can also offer you: consultation from the strategy and consultation to implementation with possible migration tasks to modern operational support with managed services. After all, digitalization is our day-to-day business.