Efficient information management as a business strategy

CENIT Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is with its service, consulting and software a specialist for the IT-based management of business-related documents and information within your core processes.

CENIT EIM covers all the requirements for an intelligent information management, and thus leads to significant process improvements within the company.

The CENIT portfolio includes solutions and consulting services that analyze structured and unstructured data, optimize and provide them in-house as well as externally. It ensures the high availability and security of information and optimizes the data exchange between users. We offer a holistic approach to data management that provides a consistent, transparent and reliable information structure.

Positioning of CENIT

EIM segment CENIT is operating successfully for more than twenty years and is, for example, considered one of the top 3 IBM software partner for the world's leading enterprise content management solution - IBM FileNet.

In addition, CENIT is active as a partner for IBM groupware and e-mail management for more than 10 years.

In Business Analytics & Optimization, CENIT  helps its customers to develop future strategies and increase company performance with software like IBM Cognos.

CENIT is also known for the expertise in the field of infrastructure and for  products and services related to system and application management.

    • Enterprise Content Management

      More is possible:

      Companies must be able to use the knowledge about their performance, processes and business partners that they keep in their documents. This sounds obvious, but is only to be achieved with the use of an Enterprise Content Management platform. Only then the potential that is hidden in the data base of a company, can be used completely.

      Under Enterprise Content Management you summarize technologies that keep structured and unstructured information (so-called "content") available, so that this information can be used at any time in the right place at the right time by the right person.

      An ECM solution often consists of several components and developes its added value in an intelligent combination of those.

      We will advise you in putting together a suitable individual solution. We use the services of market leaders such as IBM and combine these with established technology standards, existing customer solutions or open source products that is best suited for your business.

    • Collaboration Management

      Whether a company's employees work together efficiently essentially depends also on the offered IT that either facilitates or inhibits the communication and sometimes even prevent.

      Modern collaboration solutions, such as CENIT offers are created to achieve a successful relationship, be it via the intranet, extranet or the Internet.

    • Business Optimization & Analytics

      Companies of all sizes and industries habe always been searching for a simple and efficient way to gain insights that enable better strategic and operational decisions.

      CENIT supports its customers with advanced business intelligence and analytics solutions - such as the IBM Cognos product portfolio - in the dispositive corporate control and management of opportunities and risks, business processes and projects.

      We analyze financial and operational issues and that build constructive solutions to improve the structures, procedures and control processes, systems and tools. Companies gain a thorough representation of their actual situation and clear, realistic roadmaps for their continuous development.

      CENIT helps to develop future strategies and to execute those with professional solutions. The clear objective: to sustainably increase the performance of your business.

    • Application Management

      IT is continually under pressure to reduce their cost of ownership (TCO) and to do so without endangering the safe operation system.

      This is why more and more companies are starting to integrate Application Management into their sourcing strategy: Make or buy is the question.

      Applications usually involve the interaction between standard solutions of various makes and in-house developed components with a high degree of complexity. Secure availability and further development of these applications makes high demands on skills, training and deployment of personnel.

      CENIT focuses exactly on these challenges and offers a comprehensive portfolio of system and application management services and performance management.

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