Our responsibility

At CENIT, we are committed to the responsible and sustainable management of the company. We pay attention to ensuring that our employees, business partners and suppliers comply with all applicable laws and guidelines.

We observe and respect human rights within our sphere of influence and base our conduct on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. We fully support the abolition of any form of forced or child labour and expect the same of our business partners and suppliers.

CENIT AG does not tolerate corruption, bribery or the acceptance/granting of personal advantage in all their forms and works against unfair trading practices. In their dealings with business partners, customers, suppliers and government officials, our employees maintain clear boundaries between the normal parameters of a business relationship and private interests.

This is the basis of the way we do business and we firmly believe that a company can only be successful if business or financial concerns are held in equal consideration as its responsibilities towards society and the planet. For us, this also means involving our stakeholders and maintaining ongoing, open dialogue with them.

"Social responsibility is extremely important to the directors and our employees. Because this issue is so close to our hearts and because CENIT is in a strong position financially, we want to build on our social commitments, expand on them in the company with CENIT Cares, and live our values even more loudly than before."

Stephan Kugele, Director Marketing & Communication

CENIT CARES – By people, for people

Social responsibility has always been a fixed part of CENIT's company culture. Since 2013, we have undertaken various projects both externally and within the company as part of the CENIT Cares initiative.

All employees can get involved in good causes through private donations or by giving their time and lending a hand. The external projects we work on are varied and range from local bone marrow donor campaigns to providing children's aid in Costa Rica.

Our current Project

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We often take for granted how well off we actually are. Through our projects to help those in need, this becomes more clear to us and we have the opportunity to give something back and provide help where it is really needed.