I was only interested in a dual study program, as learning on the job was very important to me. It gave me much more independence, and right from the start I was allowed to work directly on internal projects and spend time in different departments. Choosing CENIT was a gut decision, because I immediately felt welcome there. And the idea is that if all goes well, they offer you a permanent position in your local branch . This is also what sets CENIT apart – they really train their employees with a view to employing them and helping them get ahead. You need to be able to organize your time – but the advantage is that you have a lot of freedom. I can be myself at CENIT – which is a very positive thing. The atmosphere is relaxed and I love coming to work here.

Jennifer Diez completed a dual study program in Industrial Engineering at CENIT, and now works in the Stuttgart branch as a project manager.

When I learned about CENIT at a job fair, it was the only company setting value on social aspects like flat hierarchies and mutual support. That was most important to me. After my first few working days there it soon became apparent that these were not just empty promises. And it all turned out even better than I had expected. All trainees and students gather for a regular meeting once per month. There we socialize and get to know each other. Our peers from the back runs are totally welcoming and supportive. They’ve gone through what you are experiencing right now and have lots of valuable tips at hand. I feel like a real member of the team already even if I’m still lacking the immense knowledge of my colleagues. But it’s my motivation to find my rhythm as fast as possible. 

Alexander Anane is completing a dual curriculum in industrial engineering with CENIT.

Only a freshman, I was already involved in a project where I was working directly with the customer for half a year, starting my training right in the team. As I had had no experience in the area of development, I was trained, and soon after was able to start co-developing. That was a good preparation for my studies as well. In the practice phase during studies I was assigned projects all the time – first internal projects, later on real customer projects. Now in the third term I am project manager – already. Being in the third term, that’s a real mark of confidence and feels pretty good. And I never have the feeling of being left to my own devices. On the contrary: For every question I have regarding any topic, there is always someone around to ask.

Maximilian Wüst has been an intern at CENIT for 6 months, completing a dual curriculum in computer science.

When moving on from student to working life, first of all you’re afraid to make mistakes. Through the peer program at CENIT, I had contact with my mentor well in advance. I had had many questions, e.g., if there is a certain dress code. It turned out I can go to work the way I usually dress – I don’t have to modify my appearance in any way. On my first day at work I was guided by my mentor, which made things easier for me. Then I got to know my colleagues and was trained in seminars, step by step. Very soon it was clear to me that I wanted to stay with CENIT. They put a lot of effort into training and offer huge support. Within a very short time period I had the feeling of having arrived.

Carsten Kröger has completed a dual curriculum in computer science at CENIT and is working in the SAP department.

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