Usually I work on projects that run for several months where we, as a team, are on-site at our clients. We work very intensively together with our clients. In addition to the hard facts, such as budgets, deadlines and specific requirements, we have to deal with all kinds of different people. My personal experience is that we are more successful as a team when we enjoy working together. This is usually the case, and I like it when we can also contribute something, in terms of soft factors, while working with the client. We are valued as trusted advisers and perceived as helpers. Our projects often have to do with business-critical processes. I find it exciting and motivating to work on high-priority issues like these. 

Carmen Baier works as a consultant, project manager and people manager in the EIM area for clients in the financial services sector.

I am working in product management where I can be creative and design new ideas and innovative approaches. It’s part development, really. I feel that things are advancing continuously; there is never any standstill. It’s probably because there are always new technology topics on the horizon. The world keeps changing, and with it, the requirements of our customers. You grow with experience and change your perspective on things in general, as well as on the organization as such. With CENIT, you’re not just a cog in a large group. If you show initiative and take over responsibility, it’s up to you to advance to the next level and develop further.

Boris Hartmann is product manager at CENIT for FASTSUITE Edition 2 in the area of digital manufacturing.

Last year I took part in the program TALENTE@CENIT. Leaders worldwide choose from their teams the most promising talents to further unfold their potential. Over the course of one year a string of trainings are held. In a consistent group of 8-10 we were exposed to topics like communication, team leading, or motivation. With CENIT, I could further develop my personal skills, and I still see room for development. In my team I work a lot with colleagues from France and Romania. Our internationality shows in the creativity and range of our team. Different approaches spawn new perspectives and possibilities.

Christian Uhde is people manager for software development in the area of 3DS PLM.

I especially like the international aspect in my field of work, which is very engaging. If I take the initiative, CENIT provides room for fostering new ideas. Here I can realize ideas where other companies might throw in restraints and conditions. There are short routes to the top management, which is why decisions are made very fast. I prefer it this way and that is the reason why I want to make long-term plans with CENIT. The customer reception of CENIT is very good due to our strong customer focus. I’m looking forward to moving things ahead and hope we will be a driving force in the future in the area of technology, as well as services. I see our company and myself as consultants for corporations, pushing them forward. These are the things that are really satisfying at CENIT. 

Markus Schwarzeis CenProCS Director at CENIT.

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Most probably, because in our different departments you will find many options that match your many years of experience. We value expertise from a diverse range of industries and areas, and have very flexible options thanks to the broad range of departments at CENIT. 

With an eye on the individual and his or her personal career history, we always look for the right job that fits 100%. 

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