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Combine the best of both platforms

For manufacturing companies that want to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their organization with their digitization strategy at the same time, digital data continuity is indispensable for cross-departmental processes. Different departments often still work in silos with different platforms, which can mean in concrete terms: one company, two platforms, two system logics, parallel data maintenance as well as a lack of interaction between the platforms and thus no guarantee of data continuity.

The 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration solution, developed by CENIT, enables digital process and data continuity across the platforms of Dassault Systèmes and SAP, thus ensuring parallel use of the two platforms based on identical data.






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The two business-relevant platforms of Dassault Système and SAP SE are independent software solutions and, as mentioned above, previously required parallel data maintenance and manual interfaces. These points alone are good reasons for the introduction of the 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration, which ensures the parallel use of both platforms, based on identical data quantity and data quality, from Dassault Système and SAP.

This enables maximum freedom in the design of efficient and flexible business processes for innovative manufacturing companies that want to use the SAP and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms in their business processes in a transparent and effectively integrated manner. In addition, the smartPLM approach makes the 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration completely different from previous data interfaces between systems, because the approach stands for sustainability in the use of digital twins to implement modern business models. Thanks to smartPLM, the many advantages of the "best of both worlds" concept are now being promoted.

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  • Cut reduction by avoiding parallel data maintenance while ensuring data continuity
  • Save time and increase process efficiency through controlled parallel working on both platforms with superior process control
  • Promote flexibility and user acceptance by role- and task-based, cross-platform information availability and information processing in your "home application"
  • Innovation and investment protection through the forward-looking development of platform integration and "best of both worlds" usage with a standard integration product

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Customer Voices

"Best of both worlds" The best of both platforms

The "best of both worlds" concept

Maximum freedom in the design of efficient and flexible business processes is the overriding goal of platform integration and is united in the "best of both worlds" concept. The free mobility of the user in fulfilling his tasks in the business process - across both platforms - is the focus of the entire 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration and thus the overall process control: The process, the role and the task determine the data acquisition and data processing.

  • Process templates support practical use cases for different uses of the 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP platforms. The range is wide, from engineering integration to work preparation, production simulation and modern service processes.
  • Cross-system automatisms are introduced between the two business-relevant platforms, which from now on reduce errors and ensure process and data continuity, thus increasing the efficiency of the company.
  • The high quality of master data ensured by the integration correctly maps all product data for an autonomous factory in the system and thus promotes the successful implementation of modern manufacturing concepts.

Both platforms continue to develop at high speed. As a long-standing Premium Partner of Dassault Systèmes and SAP, we stand for continuity and ensure that platform integration keeps pace with the speed of platform innovation.

The 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration supports core functionalities for the following processes:

  • Design process (Multi-CAD)
  • Change process (Change Management)
  • Production process
  • Simulation Process
  • Variant Management
  • Platform structures (syn. objects)
  • Support of all processes through a wide range of solutions in a generic framework

Why CENIT is the suitable partner

We have been working with both companies and the platforms of Dassault Systèmes and SAP SE for over 20 years. Worldwide we are the only partner of both companies and we also have many years of experience with the use of their software solutions.

Based on this long-standing experience and the combined know-how of our development resources of both platforms (Dassault Systèmes and SAP SE) the integration solution: 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration was created. This integration has been successfully established on the market for more than 8 years now and through our routine in this area we have developed into a strong service partner for you.

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Our approach to you

With regard to your specific starting situation and objectives, we integrate the 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration software into your system. And in our role as a partner for successful digital transformation, we support you from strategic planning to the operation of the solution at your company and are always available for you in the further service.

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