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Service Level Management & Service Manager

Service Level Management regularly describes, agrees and monitors the quality of the IT services rendered. If necessary, they are revised on the basis of the supported business processes.

The CENIT Service Manager is the central contact person for all customer-related issues (SPoC, Single Point of Contact).

The Service Manager is responsible for monitoring processes, securing adherence to the SLAs, data collection and reporting key figures.

The Service Manager is responsible for hierarchic escalation in his/her area of responsibility.

    • Scalability and flexibility

      The scalability of CENIT's services enables the adjustment to changing business requirements at all times. 

    • Measurability and control

      You have to know where you are to know where you want to go. Once you know about the current situation you can effectively select the means to achieve the goals you have set. The individually agreed SLAs act as a foundation for the CENIT Service Manager in this respect. This makes performance measurable and communicates it to the customer transparently. 

    • Responsibility and actions

      The unambiguous responsibility of the CENIT Service Manager simplifies communication structures - in particular with regards to the interface to the customer. It facilitates quick decisions and leads to efficient planning in service provision and in the management of services within the operation. 

  • CENIT's process-oriented service concept, along with the optimal purpose-based tool set, guarantees SaarGummi efficient operation.
    Stefan Harig, Head of the Product Development & Development System Division Saargummi International