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  • Support Center 1st-3rd Level
  • Support Center 1st-3rd Level

CENIT Support Center 1st bis 3rd Level Support

Many providers of business services usually only offer a call center for support issues. This is not the case with CENIT. CENIT offers a support center with qualified personnel for your IT components.

This support center is made available from Germany and can be reached Mondays to Fridays during defined service hours.

Users requests are forwarded within CENIT in line with the agreed response and processing times.

In addition, users can contact CENIT around the clock by e-mail, fax or support portal.

Of course, CENIT uses the Service Management software to manage calls.The user receives an automatically generated e-mail containing status information whenever an agent has implemented further steps to remedy an issue.

Users can track the status of a call at all times via the support portal.

For extended services times, further access options (e.g. via mobile phone) may be set up and announced.

All calls are received by this central unit and then transferred to an on-site employee or the remote team for off-site processing.