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CENIT keeps you up to date

The lifecycles of IT-based solutions are becoming shorter due to constant leaps in technology and innovation. Corporate changes such as mergers, sales or strategic requirements such as cost savings, investment protection as well as legal regulations require the implementation of new technologies or modernization of existing systems. To ensure competitiveness in globalized markets, it has become indispensable for companies to integrate the very latest developments.

For all of these tasks, CENIT is available as your competent and experienced solution partner.

We are characterized by predefined and yet flexible solutions as well as a high degree of expertise within the ECM portfolio environment.

    • The above described requirements result in the following:

      • Migration/displacement of documents and information for new technologies/systems
      • Merging the datastocks of several (different) systems into one new target system
      • Separating the data of one system into several systems
      • Initial filling of new ECM systems from the "old" stock types. Deleting stock data and documents
    • Besides services for system and data migration, CENIT also offers standardized and yet flexibly adaptable practice-proven tools that ensure the safety of your data.

      Our service spectrum encompasses the analysis of existing systems and data stocks, the recording and completion of migration requirements, the actual migration (online or offline), function tests, tests for completeness check and correctness of migrated data and documentation and logging.

    • During migration, particular demands should be placed on auditing acceptability, integrity and completeness. Besides the pure copying process, many companies can seize the opportunity to also perform tasks such as data reorganization, data consolidation, data preparation, purging of inconsistencies or a transformation e.g. into new document formats. Frequently, technical reasons require the processing/editing of data stocks during migration into other systems. Our consultants therefore analyze from the very start, the actual status, framework conditions, complexity and scope of the data and systems to be migrated and based on this, create a migration concept and plan.

    • With its process models, CENIT can also take date-related, organizational and technical requirements into account. The most frequently used processes are:

      Due date migration: Perform a system migration or data migration for a certain deadline and make it available in an new system the next day.

      Creeping migration: The migration is generally performed parallel to standard operation.

      Delta migration: This migration is required to complete a previous one with a few pieces of changed data e.g. from the previous day.

      Gradual migration: The migration is performed on the basis of subject areas, departments or other categories