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With CENIT DIMEX we provide you with an efficient administration tool for your IBM FileNet P8 ECM platform. DIMEX helps you to easily transfer existing configurations and data models from one source system to an identical target system. DIMEX demonstrates its full potential where other tools fail. 

Configuration transfer made easy

With DIMEX you considerably reduce work input, e.g. in transferring configurations from a development system or following an approved test to your production system.

Manual intervention is reduced to a minimum, thus avoiding transfer errors. All activities are additionally logged in a traceable manner and provide detailed information on the entire process.

    • DIMEX with its integrated import/export functionality, as well as a mapping module, enables the simple transport of configurations between IBM FileNet P8 systems, thus filling the gap left by the two administration tools IBM FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) and IBM FileNet Deployment Manager (FDM).

      DIMEX has an ergonomic and, at the same time, individually adjustable user interface, available in German and English.

      DIMEX is easy to install and can be configured to access several systems at once.

      • DIMEX generates readable XML-based exchange formats
      • DIMEX exchange formats are adaptable and can be processed by administrators
      • DIMEX also generates a readable, traceable protocol, which provides detailed information on all processes
      • DIMEX helps avoid configuration errors
      • DIMEX is fast and easy to implement requiring very little training
      • DIMEX can be used for the initial population of systems
      • DIMEX enables quick and easy transfers of data models between IBM FileNet P8 systems
      • As a result, DIMEX shortens configuration times for several systems (e.g. development, test, integration, production)
      • The DIMEX mapping module supports the transformations of nomenclature and descriptors, as well as security settings prior to import
      • DIMEX provides the following modules to support you in your activities:

        • Modules for the export and import of

          • Marking sets, choice lists, property templates
          • Document classes, directory classes, custom-object classes
          • Documents, directories, custom objects

        • Modules with overarching functions

          • Mapping

        • Modules for CENIT products

          • ECLISO

    • DIMEX is based on the ECLIPSE Rich Client Platform (RCP) and contains a JAVA Runtime 32Bit version in the delivery. Therefore, no further Java installations are necessary.

      Supported ECM systems: IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager from 4.5.1 to 5.1

DIMEX Videocast English

DIMEX Videocast Francais

DIMEX English Tutorial Part 1

DIMEX English Tutorial Part 2