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Lateral thinking made easy – knowledge user support with ECLISIO iQ

Your documents and information contain more knowledge than they would suggest if they were observed alone. Only the view and the specific evaluation of all information results in the picture necessary for each individual case. Establishing this view is a great challenge.

CENIT ECLISO iQ has been specially designed for this task and is based on the four "pillars" of knowledge work - continuous collection & combination, reading & understanding, valuating, producing.

With CENIT ECLISO iQ the user can bring the collected data into context for his specific case, penetrate it anew and visualize it in a new own structure. New knowledge is produced and then made available.

Up to now, to process an issue one could usually only use Office applications, paper documents, Post-it notes, and perhaps mind map tools or the like. CENIT ECLISO iQ enables an entirely new, innovative and sustainable manner of working.

    • With CENIT ECLISO iQ, the user can page through files and read them irrespective of their format. While reading, the user can intuitively make markings, notes, comments and references and can structure them flexibly. With the automatic transfer of these findings and processing via defined templates, new outcome documents with new views and overviews are created for the existing data. Manual post-editing with standard tools (Office) is performed afterward.

      CENIT ECLISO iQ is based on the electronic file and workflow management product CENIT ECLISO.

      • CENIT ECLISO iQ ensures views that had previously been unknown of individual sections, texts or words, not just entire documents
      • Relevant facts are captured even while reading
      • Recorded facts can then be integrated in own filing structures and linked to external sources
      • Work statuses can be visualized in an entirely different manner
      • Intuitive operation and therefore low training input
      • CENIT ECLISO iQ enables a new possibility to penetrate and open up extensive data stocks
      • ECLISO iQ increases the efficiency and motivation of your employees
      • Quick results lead to cost reduction
      • CENIT ECLISO (as basis)
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