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CENIT SERVICEMANAGER - integration made easy!

Media breaks and interrupted process chains are still very much a part of daily business. Great benefit potential lies here. To make use of this potential and to open up the hidden added value, your software systems need to be integrated with the ECM system. Opting for the use of an enterprise service bus (ESB) and the introduction of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for this purpose alone would be extremely complex and costly, as this is ultimately a company-wide concept.

Here the CENIT SERVICEMANAGER provides a simple and flexible integration solution that implements these principles without the complexity of an ESB.

    • The CENIT SERVICEMANAGER is an integration platform that implements enterprise integration patterns (EIP). With CENIT CARISMA connectors, the CENIT SERVICEMANAGER can serve all IBM ECM systems equally. High-performance components enable the simple integration into your existing IT landscapes.

      With its modular architecture and its orientation as a platform, own services can also be adapted in addition to the CENIT services. Some examples are the automated alignment of document metadata with CRM and ERP systems, signing incoming invoices, transmission of e-mail messages based on file status or the automatic creation of new customer files when a new customer has been set up in the CRM system.

      • Standardized interfaces for the data acquisition from and synchronization with external systems
      • Event- and time-controlled processing
      • Monitoring of resources and events
      • Flexible through modular platform architecture
      • Easy to extend
      • JMX interface
      • Error-tolerant processing
      • Prevention of media breaks and multiple data entries
      • Optimization of business processes through the higher degree of automation
      • Reliability, stability, performance, versatility
      • Flexibility through open program interfaces
      • "Shadow processing" quick and easily implemented
      • Cost reduction through automated data alignment
    • The CENIT SERVICEMANAGER is a platform (basic component) for several components/services.

    • The CENIT SERVICEMANAGER is based on the Apache Karaf OSGI platform. The CARISMA Framework from CENIT AG ensures integration in IBM ECM systems.