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CENIT Input Management Software – opt for experience!

Input management is much more than just scanning. Only input management solutions customized to meet your exact needs lead to the desired degree of productivity and a quick return on investment. Scanners and software modules should be chosen and processes planned on the basis of the source (e-mail, fax, etc.), paper formats and quality, whether you write free-text letters or forms, whether you enter daily mail or old stock, or whether you are planning to use single-station scanners or factory-like bulk scanning.

CENIT has documented expertise in this respect and is your partner for planning, conceptual design, realization and support of input management solutions, even in complex environments.

      • Single-station scanners and production scanners
      • Image enhancement, automatic blank page removal
      • Manual and automatic classification and indexing
      • Barcode, OCR, OMR recognition and control
      • Format conversion, digital signatures
      • Fax and e-mail interface
      • Archive and ECM connection
      • Flexible process control
      • Support of standard scanners
      • Open for the integration of third-party modules
      • Single page and batch processing
      • Integration of other electronic media
      • Standard archive, ECM interfaces
      • CENIT - partner with expertise
      • Legally compliant input processes
      • Quick ROI through automated classification and indexing
      • Reduced data entry effort through the automated readout of business data (zone recognition)
      • Automated transfer of documents and metadata in departmental, archive and workflow management systems
    • CENIT input management solutions are extremely flexible and have a wide variety of modular and yet integrated components, such as: Capture Process Designer, process engine, scan applications, e-mail and fax interface, image enhancement, image converter, image export, triggers control, document separation, deletions, multi-directory monitoring, file system export, ODBC export, Pdf export, archive export, .NET code for own extensions, etc.