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Jadice document platform

The jadice document platform is a modular solution for the display and background processing of documents, in particular from Enterprise Content Management systems.

Thanks to its flexibility and integration-friendly architecture, the jadice document platform is very versatile in use and forms the basis for the individual archive client solutions as well as server solutions for professional document management.

Deployment is very versatile particularly through the server components, so that not just the display of the documents through the viewer, but also data conversion, data validation, data extraction or data fusion are themes that can be covered by jadice products.

      • Supports many file formats and annotation types
      • Portrayal of various formats in one standard viewer
      • Background processing of various formats in one server
      • Large number of processing tools
      • Clearly laid-out user interface
      • Load balancing through multi-user capability
      • Use of viewer possible for any archival systems
      • Platform-independent pure Java solution
      • Use of the viewer as AJAX Viewer, applet, application or embedded
      • Flexible, very modular JAVA server
      • Low resource requirement, as efficient storage management
      • Quick document display
      • Minimum integration outlay through clearly laid-out and extensively documented interfaces
      • Individual functions integrated in the user interface and the server
      • Uniform use also in heterogeneous DMS environment
      • Look & feel can be easily adapted to your own CI
      • Long-term archival formats ensured through data validation module
    • The "jadice viewer" is a high-performance, platform independent multiformat image and document display tool, which provides extensive editing and annotation functionality. Ideal for use in archive and document management systems.

      Supplemented with the "jadice server", the jadice viewer becomes even more powerful and also offers the possibility to convert formats that are not supported directly into a viewable format so that virtually any document format can be displayed with the viewer.

      Further components belonging to the platform are jadice i+, jadice ds and the jadice web toolkit.

      • The jadice document platform is a Java-based technology with central document processing components
      • It offers an interface for customer-specific special formats, data exchange takes place in XML
      • Supports FOCA fonts: pixel-exact rendering
      • Supports multi-server operation, resulting in better load distribution and failsafe performance