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CENIT executive management and supervisory board liability - cost reduction and competitive edge for your company!

The flow of information and data volumes are not just growing as a result of decreasing storage costs. Data is being collected without defining to it any specific value for the company. Often the mechanisms are not in place to get rid of irrelevant data. Valuable information is deleted, only because the retention period has expired. There are no governance plans, responsibilities and processes. In this real environment compliance requirements need to be met - a challenge for every company!

Governance and compliance are important strategic tasks used to control information and knowledge, to make it available in the long term and to reduce any possible risks. Executive management bears the responsibility for information governance and for meeting compliance requirements.

    • Information governance (IG) is a strategic task that involves the control and monitoring of the entire information lifecycle - from the creation and proper storage of information to its ultimate destruction. IG requires clear responsibilities for data collection, quality assurance, documentation, traceability as well as the disposal of the information.

      IG also involves the determination of the value and benefits of information for one's company, the establishment of technical relationships, the implementation of measures and the maintenance of sustainable values irrespective of storage and deletion.

      Opt for CENIT! We will support you with your governance initiative and, in collaboration with you, we will create guidelines, plans, procedures and standards for the effective operation and administration of your ECM system.

    • Fulfillment and constant improvement of compliance requirements are more than just an obligation. The so-called best-in-class companies see compliance as a strategy for cost reduction, increased security and thus generate more competitive edge.

      It is quite common in many companies to create standalone compliance systems wherever they happen to currently be necessary. This gives rise to separate e-mail, invoice, departmental, and other archives or information silos. Compliance however is a corporate-wide issue and therefore part of an integrated security and compliance strategy.

      CENIT supports you with know-how, consulting and proven ECM solutions so that you can meet your complex responsibilities.

    • All information/documents in your company are subject to their own lifecycle. During the period directly following their creation, the are generally very valuable and are a part of ongoing business activities. Once they have been processed, they are usually stored away for the remainder of their legal retention period before they are deleted. In reality however, this data is usually not even deleted. Archives are bursting at the seams, performance and benefits decrease, the risk of instability and data loss increases and new storage investments are needed.

      With the effective information lifecycle management solutions by CENIT, the regulated and monitored deletion and storage processes, you regain control of your business information!

    • Requirements resulting from standards and provisions such as HGB, AO, GoB/GoBS, GDPdU, SOX, MiFID, Solvency, Basel and many more, are requirements that must be met and are a challenge for many companies. Benefit from our experience!

      Develop with CENIT your customized ECM governance strategy and turn compliance into a matter of course for your business. Seize this opportunity to sustainably improve your actions and processes and minimize risks.

      CENIT is your competent partner for solutions pertaining to ECM governance and compliance.