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Your content of today is your knowledge of tomorrow!

The costs for IT storage media have been on the constant decrease over the past decades. An ever-growing flow of information, competitive pressure and higher requirements to provide comprehensive documentation of corporate activities are dominating factors in today's business world. In this manner, several information silos with vast amounts of data have accumulated.

These however contain valuable knowledge.

Putting this to use is a challenge that every company is faced with. Conventional search operations usually only produce individual documents or records. The actual knowledge potential however is often found in the superordinate content and relations of information, documents and data.

CENIT offers you intelligent solutions to open up this knowledge.

The Key: Content Analytics & Enterprise Search

Penetrate the collected, structured and unstructured information in your ECM, archive, e-mail, storage or other systems, such as wikis and blogs, and put this hidden knowledge to use.

The Content Analytics & Enterprise Search solution by CENIT enables you to continuously structure this information, present and assess relationships intelligently and to present and reproduce this new knowledge in results.

    • Content Analytics and Enterprise Search by CENIT can help you find and understand relationships intelligently, recognize conspicuous issues without having to perform targeted searches, and to find quick and adequate answers to unclearly formulated messages and questions. Expert knowledge can be put to wider use without having to translate customer queries into the correct technical language beforehand.

    • Search describes the process of reducing information with the use of dynamic filters until concrete documents and information are found. With Enterprise Search, the sources of information available throughout the company are integrated.

      With Analytics on the other hand, the information is evaluated as dynamic relations until it produces new insights, core statements, new knowledge or information on deviations – e.g. since when does an event, which is described in the protocols just briefly, occur more frequently.

    • With the Content Analytics methodology and technology, various forms of data, mathematical calculations, semantic analyses, statistical data, extensive dictionaries and other technologies are used to present information in texts.

      Just how good this works was shown by the "super computer" Watson that won the quiz show Jeopardy with the use of content analytics. The challenge here was to analyze a broad knowledge of politics, history, literature, art, entertainment and science and to recognize irony, subtle differences in meanings, word games, puzzles, etc. before an answer is given.

  • CENIT has managed to automatically generate information and knowledge from unstructured data using the "Watson technology".
    Michael Raab, IT Director at Baker & McKenzie