Secure innovative strength, flexibility and competitive edge

Innovative, leading technologies for products and services combined with maximum flexibility in terms of individual customer wishes, as well as the adherence to time and cost frameworks are key in sustainable success in the field of industrial equipment.

Innovation however is no longer restricted to the product and its development but also includes production, commissioning, maintenance and modernization in order to offer optimum quality and services to customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Accelerated innovation through integrated PLM solutions

The current challenges in the field of industrial equipment in global markets call for more innovations and new concepts for agile collaboration in multidisciplinary teams throughout all business units.

Dassault Systemes industry solutions for industrial engineering based on the revolutionary 3DEXPERIENCE platform are the ideal catalyst for innovation. Everyone involved is able to participate in the innovation process and to contribute to added value.

    • "Single Source for Speed" – Central data source for design, procurement, production and maintenance

      Are you having difficulties responding to your customers' requests in a timely manner, while coordinating the information you need to do so from various development, production and service centers from around the world? The industry solution "Single Source for Speed" enables seamless and fast processes in development, offer preparation and order settlement – all globally interconnected with the 3DExperience platform.

      • All production data quickly available! One central data source for design, procurement, production and maintenance accelerates location-independent processes
      • Project management in product development - monitoring deadline and budget loyalty
      • Product simulation – reduction of development costs and improvement of product quality
      • Procurement management – use of added value in the supply chain
      • Work preparation – optimization of production and assembly processes

      Simple Solution Selection – Modular architecture, product variance and order-specific design

      How can you accelerate offer preparation? How can you diversify your product offering? The 3DEXPERIENCE solution Simple Solution Selection is the integrative industry solution for the quicker creation of custom-tailored offers from a very versatile portfolio, while keeping all customer requirements under control. Here, the function-oriented modularization of the product portfolio reduces internal company complexity as well as the overall amount of necessary parts and components

      • Quicker and higher quality offers
      • Acceleration of BOM creation, documentation and order processing
      • Higher degree of reusage despite customized industrial machines and systems
      • PLM Consulting
      • PLM System Introduction
      • PLM Process Optimization
      • Method Development/Optimization
      • Application On-Site Support
      • Support Concept
      • Certifications
    • As a recognized consulting and software specialist, CENIT has an extensive training offering in the area of PLM/CAD/CAM. This offering is supplemented by individual training sessions, which our experts would be happy to compile for you based on your requirements.

      With 9 training centers and 2 mobile classrooms we are certain you can find us also in your proximity. Our offer is further enhanced with a broad range of online courses.

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