Accelerate the development process with EXALEAD OnePart

The decisions the constructors and the engineers make, may significantly influence the costs of redesigning parts for a company. In order to work in a time efficient way, sometimes it is better to construct all over again a certain part, than to waste time on the existing part and the related data. This decision has a direct impact on the profitability, because time and money have to be invested for the new design, in order to adjust the production process and it must be completely rebuilt and that will increase the asset inventory.

With EXALEAD OnePart the engineers, the managers and the buyers are able to find and reuse, fast and without trouble the existing parts, the product design and other data in the entire company, even when the information is not visibly stored in the PDM and PLM databases. The result is a shorter time and it accelerates the product’s time to market through an optimized reutilization of parts with which the related costs for the documents, construction, material, production and stocks are reduced.

Finding and reusing the available data

EXALEAD OnePart, as a Business Discovery-Application, accelerates and supports the immediate reuse of parts from the 2D/3D databases, and of the related documentation.

When using the proved technologies for Web-Semantics, Analytics and Big Data Management, OnePart is able to locate data from different sources (CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, documents from Microsoft Office, PDF, images in different formats etc.) and then, to make them immediately available for the product development and to accelerate the product supply.

With the help of EXALEAD OnePart, you can immediately find and use, with fewer clicks, the 2D/3D designs, specifications, standards, the test results and the related data and the documentation for development, production and purchasing. The search can be refined with the comparison function, in order to identificate the correct data, and that enables an optimum reutilization and a comprehensive overview of the decision-making situation.

Functional and user-friendly programs

With EXALEAD OnePart a program, on which was placed a lot of emphasis, is available for the user, in order to support him in an easy and efficient way to install the program.

The full text search and the attributes search are located on a search field in the software which is indicated by a voice – as well as a spelling filter that is optimized with an inquiry suggestion. By a complete and automatic Web search function the user’s queries are being accelerated.

The user is enabled to search for similarities in the query form, in order to identify similar parts and possible duplicates. EXALEAD OnePart provides the navigation with the super and subordinate objects for a profound and intelligent recognition of the part, just like a search by 3D-Mechanic functions. In order to spare time, the user can obtain by his search a fast overview of the parts preview or documents without opening them.