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Component supplier integration...

As a component supplier are you also faced with the challenges of supplying data to OEMs that complies with the requirements of the respectively applicable data interchange provisions in order to receive positive supplier ratings, which is indispensable for smooth cooperation. You certainly must have already been faced with the situation that it is not always easy to determine and implement concrete requirements.

... and requirement-compliant OEM data interchange

As a consultant in the field of OEM Supply Chain, CENIT has the necessary know-how to train your employees with regard to the guidelines and methods that are applicable to their specific area of work. Of course, we will also take care of installation and configuration of the necessary software by providing supplier packages and the necessary quality tools, all the way to validation by the OEM.

      • Training of your employees in current OEM data interchange guidelines and the methods involved in this
      • Impartation of fundamental concepts and downstream processes.
      • Functional description and application of OEM-specific validation tools
      • Introduction in the handling of OEM supplier portals, CAD methods and manuals
      • Workshop duration 1-2 days
    • Has Daimler AG's decision to implement NX made you as an automotive OEM supplier face new challenges? Particularly in the field of data interchange?

      Our consultants are on-site at Daimler AG in the supplier integration team and are working on defining the requirements that Daimler is placing on its suppliers in this area.

      Make use of our expertise and let us show you how you can perform data interchange with Daimler efficiently and cost-effectively in the future. Upon request, we will also implement and configure all the necessary tools in this area, provide training for your employees in the methods and processes and then together with you, we will conduct the necessary validation with Daimler AG.

  • The 3DExperience platform allows us to make all product data and other intellectual property available to all staff members, which facilitates our work.
    Daniel Reutimann, Head of Digital Design and Development