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Comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry

Requirements in the automotive industry are on a constant rise, besides cost savings and quicker go-lives, special focus is also placed on the efficient collaboration with OEMs and suppliers.

Maintaining competitiveness in the automotive industry can only be achieved with comprehensive and efficient planning, a high degree of automation and a high-performance and optimized infrastructure. High-performance and robust software solutions offer fundamental support.

This is where CENIT's own Digital Factory portfolio comes to the fore. The support of individual manufacturing technologies, such as point, laser, path and deposition welding, painting, bonding, roll hemming, clinching, sealing can also be efficiently programmed with the product platform FASTSUITE. The planning and simulation of manufacturing lines and cells and material flow is also possible with the newly developed FASTSUITE EDITION 2.

FASTSUITE - The manufacturing and simulation solution

In the areas of shell construction, surface processing, prototype construction and NC manufacturing, we have established specialist know-how over the years and integrated it into our product suite. In 2013, we will expand our offering in the field of simulations. Not only can one program/simulate individual technology processes, but also the necessary environment and infrastructure. This makes it possible to make cost-effective and efficient decisions in terms of cell, line or factory layout, to test different variations and of course, to optimize performance.

With our V5-based offline programming solution FASTSUITE, you are optimally equipped for the most various kinds of manufacturing processes. You receive software products that specially cater to your specific process requirements, making your life easier and more efficient. We can effectively support you in the following processes: Painting, sealing, shot blasting, point, path and deposit welding, bonding, roll hemming, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, NC simulation and much more.

    • Extensive know-how in the field of car body manufacturing for processing sheet metal of the floor group, engine compartment, roof, doors and side wall, particularly in the field of joining technologies.

    • Solution for optimized surface processing, while ensuring even and efficient material application and use.

    • Support of all cutting technologies independent of system utilization - all known robots and machines.

    • Comfortable support in milling and turning tasks in the PowerTrain area and parts and tool processing as well as NC simulation.

    • Comprehensive and comfortable planning, simulation, validation and optimization of manufacturing processes and systems, incl. early feasibility analyses.

      • Intelligent, comfortable structure of manufacturing units
      • Planning and simulation of systems, cells, manufacturing lines to entire manufacturing halls
      • Material flow simulation
  • With FASTCURVE achieve time savings of 70% in programming.
    Samuel Krauß, EBZ
  • CENIT has made laser deposition welding possible for us with the FASTTRIM-based solution. Without the system, we would have not been able to realize the process efficiently.
    Mr. Ambros, Head of Mechanical Manufacturing, BMW
  • FASTTRIM is a system that I work well with, and that I really enjoy using.
    Michael Weimar, FASTTRIM User, CONCAD