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Putting Quality on Track

All around the world, the rail industry is undergoing a fundamental structural change, which also involves continuously redefining all the manufacturing processes. Innovative technologies and materials along with process automations have been applied in automotive engineering or aerospace technology in recent years, and these will also influence the manufacturing processes of rail vehicles. This is the only way for the industry to respond to constantly increasing requirements and manufacturing technology challenges and to be able to manufacture more leanly, quickly, and cost-effectively.

For decades, CENIT has been a reliable, innovative and highly effective partner to the rail industry, helping it meet its needs and requirements. We will assist you with specialized software solutions and support you during the implementation, configuration and operation of manufacturing solutions — both for NC machines and for robot-based applications.

The CENIT portfolio includes modern solutions for simulating manufacturing process. These solutions can be implemented precisely and easily — whether this is for railcar bodies, pivot mountings or substructures. We can offer you special solutions for individual manufacturing technologies, such as milling, spot welding, track welding, overlay welding, painting and coating, seam sealing and bonding. Our project experience is also available to you when the integration of special machines and specialized manufacturing cells is involved, or when new machining processes are needed due to innovative materials such as composites or sandwich components.

    • Extensive know-how in the field of manufacturing for processing sheet metal of the floor group, engine compartment, roof, doors and side wall, particularly in the field of joining technologies.

    • Solution for optimized surface processing, while ensuring even and efficient material application and use.

    • Support of all cutting technologies independent of system utilization - all known robots and machines.

    • Comfortable support in milling and turning tasks in the PowerTrain area and parts and tool processing as well as NC simulation.

    • Comprehensive and comfortable planning, simulation, validation and optimization of manufacturing processes and systems, incl. early feasibility analyses.

      • Intelligent, comfortable structure of manufacturing units
      • Planning and simulation of systems, cells, manufacturing lines to entire manufacturing halls
      • Material flow simulation