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Versatile solutions for toolmaking and mold & die production

The CENIT portfolio of the Digital Factory for toolmaking and mold & die production builds predominantly on the established CATIA V5 system with its robust CAD/CAM functions.

Thanks to CENIT's additional custom solutions, we not only support classic tool themes such as fixture construction, laser-beam cutting, milling and turning. But also new themes, such as laser-beam hardening and laser deposition welding can be efficiently implemented.

Furthermore, the new generation FASTSUITE enables the planning and simulation of material flow, manufacturing cells and lines. For example, an entire press line can be built, simulated and optimized very comfortably.

In the areas of forming engineering, mold-making, composites and NC manufacturing, we have established specialist knowledge over the years and integrated it into our product suite.

With our V5-based offline programming solution FASTSUITE, you are optimally equipped for the most various kinds of tool manufacturing processes. You obtain software products that cater to your specific software requirements, that ideally supplement V5 basic functions and that make your life easier and more effective.

In 2013, we will expand our offering in the field of simulations. Not only can you program/simulate individual technology processes, but also the necessary environment and infrastructure. This makes it possible to make cost-effective and efficient decisions in terms of cell, line or factory layout, to test different variations and to submit early cost estimates and to optimize performance.

    • In the early development phases, development data is often subjected to fundamental changes. The architecture of FASTSUITE has been designed for this purpose.

      We have custom solutions for the following technologies:

      • Milling (2.5-5 axis), turning, laser beam cutting, water-jet cutting, laser cladding, laser hardening with machines -> FASTTRIM
      • Milling, laser beam cutting, cutting/routing, laser deposition welding, laser hardening with robots -> FASTCURVE
      • Fixture construction
      • Postprocessors/virtual control -> FASTPOST/FASTCONTROL
      • Design of erosion electrodes -> FASTELECTRODE
      • Wire eroding -> FAST4AXES
      • Sheet metal trim tool design -> FASTTRIMSTEEL
      • Tool design
      • Forming engineering (transfer tools, progressive die tools, etc.)
      • Mold & die production (plastic-injection molding, cast metal, composite mold-making, etc.)
      • Manufacturing (PPs, NC documentation, wire cutting, etc.)
      • Method planning
    • Comprehensive and comfortable planning, simulation, validation and optimization of manufacturing processes and systems, incl. early feasibility analyses.

      • Intelligent, comfortable structure of manufacturing units
      • Planning and simulation of systems, cells, manufacturing lines to entire manufacturing halls
      • Material flow simulation
  • CENIT has made laser deposition welding possible for us with the FASTTRIM-based solution. Without the system, we would have not been able to realize the process efficiently.
    Mr. Ambros, Head of Mechanical Manufacturing, BMW