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Customer-specific Software Developments

Standard solutions and off the shelf software products do not always fit your needs? Sometimes, applications and technologies are so individual or specialized that no out-of-the-box solution is available? Often, the sequences and processes are so specific that standard products can only be adapted at great expense?

In these cases, CENIT can help as an expert solution provider. CENIT will partner up with you to develop customer-specific solutions while offering complete scalability. This could be anything from individual to company-wide applications. Smaller macros to complex software projects, an expansion of existing standard products or a standalone software solution.

Our decades of experience focuses on the interaction between engineering and production in the manufacturing solutions environment as well as connecting external systems and databases to existing system structures.

Development Platforms: CATIA/DELMIA V5 and V6, Siemens NX, FASTSUITE

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Your Project

Our project managers make sure that the project steps are implemented correctly and follow the accepted timeline. They also coordinate internal and external participants.

Not only can we develop turnkey projects for the customer, CENIT can also integrate ourselves in to existing projects as a partner, and bring our expertise to your existing teams, making sure you are successful at every step.

Analysis and Specification

Tasks or specifications are not always clearly defined. We can help incorporate requirements and derive appropriate solution concepts. The specification phase includes the function definition as well as the definition of the software architecture.

Professional Development Methods

Our broad development experience is based on:

  • An extremely wide range of underlying software systems, such as CATIA/DELMIA V5/V6 or Siemens NX and FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Suitable development tools, such as CAA V5/V6, NX Open Toolkit, Visual Studio, trac
  • The popular programming languages C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java and Python

and the appropriate methodology for the respective project. Structured, turn-key projects are implemented as agile developments, with maximum flexibility if the requirements change. All of this along with real world experience and application is an extremely valuable commodity for our customers.

Methodology and Project Management

We ensure that the project order is fulfilled while adhering to quality assurance guidelines, costs, and the schedule. To do this, we use established project and quality management methods, as well as project reports and documentation.

Implementation and Maintenance

For us, a software project does not end with the final inspection. We also offer our customers tailor-made solutions to ensure ongoing operation. For source code management and software testing, we use the same tools that are used for our software products. Software updates, extensions to existing functionality, and modifications of the underlying software in use do not present any problems. Our application technicians also offer further services, including a professional hotline, user training, and preparing training manuals that may cover in depth processes or methodologies. 

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